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Q1. If an administrator wanted to compare the performance of Microsoft file sharing across the WAN for two clients with and without Riverbed optimization, what strategy could you use to enable this testing?

A. In-path rule on client-side Steelhead appliance to pass through port 139 and 445 for the source IP of one of the test clients

B. Disable optimization on the Steelhead appliance

C. In-path rule on server-side Steelhead appliance to pass through port 139 and 445 for the source IP one of the test clients

D. A and C

Answer: A

Q2. What is the maximum datastore size?

A. 15 MB

B. 5 GB

C. 20 GB

D. 10 TB

E. 50 TB

Answer: C

Q3. When performing a logical in-path deployment, which interface needs to be physically cabled for optimization to occur?




D. Primary

Answer: C

Q4. The benefits provided by the CIFS application-level optimizations are:

A. Remove protocol chattiness from the remote LAN

B. Remove protocol chattiness from the data center LAN

C. Increase protocol chattiness from the WAN

D. Remove protocol chattiness from the WAN

E. Encrypt important data

Answer: D

Q5. The interface used by the Steelhead appliance for system management and datastore synchronization is:

A. WAN0_0

B. LAN0_0

C. Inpath0_0

D. Primary

Answer: D

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Q6. When performing datastore synchronization between two Steelhead appliances, segments of data are exchanged between them. Which interfaces can be used for datastore synchronization? (Select 2)

A. In-path

B. Primary

C. Auxiliary


E. Remote

Answer: BC

Q7. Which trunking protocols are supported by the Steelhead appliance?

A. 802.1Q

B. 802.1P

C. 802.1AD

D. Dynamic Etherchannel

Answer: A

Q8. When configuring CIFS prepopulation, which of the following parameters must be configured for prepopulation to function? (Select 3)

A. Remote path

B. Username

C. CMC hostname

D. Password

E. RADIUS authentication

Answer: ABD

Q9. When implementing PBR, a Steelhead appliance is connected to the router using which Steelhead appliance interface?

A. lan0_0

B. wan0_0

C. Primary


E. Remote

Answer: B

Q10. Steelhead appliances increase. (Select 2)

A. Application performance

B. Data transfer speed over the WAN

C. Data transfer speed over the LAN

D. Quality of service

E. WORM stability

F. Prototyping

Answer: AB