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Q61. A major difference between MX-TCP and HighSpeed TCP is:

A. MX-TCP backs off in the case of congestion, HighSpeed TCP does not

B. HighSpeed TCP backs off in the case of congestion, MX-TCP does not

C. MX-TCP can use TCP window scaling, HighSpeed TCP cannot

D. HighSpeed TCP can use TCP options, MX-TCP cannot

Answer: B

Q62. Users at an optimized branch office log off and close down Microsoft Outlook when they leave for the day. When they return in the morning the Steelhead appliance's datastore is already warm for emails they received throughout the night. What is this feature called?

A. Transparent Proxy

B. MAPI Prepopulation

C. MAPI Offline Optimization

D. Connection Pooling

E. MAPI Tunneling

Answer: B

Q63. How many WAN visibility modes are available?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: C

Q64. You need to purchase a Steelhead appliance model for one of your engineering branch offices.

Below are the requirements that need to be met:

- 200 users with 15 TCP connections each

- 15 Mbps WAN link

- Will be sending across the WAN about 20 GB of new data daily

- A Windows 2003 Server and video streaming Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) will be used

Which of the following models will be the most appropriate for this branch office?

A. Steelhead 2050-M

B. Steelhead 5050-M

C. Steelhead 550-M

D. Steelhead 550-H

E. Steelhead 250-H

Answer: A

Q65. If the Steelhead Mobile client optimization is being blocked by the client firewall, you must set which port on the client firewall to allow incoming traffic?

A. 7744

B. 7800

C. 7801

D. 7810

E. 7820

Answer: C

Q66. What transaction prediction modules are supported on the Steelhead Mobile client? (Select 3)





E. Lotus Notes

Answer: ACE

Q67. An employee who has just installed Steelhead Mobile onto her workstation notices that she never gets any reduction. It always says 0%.

The status of the Mobile client appears to be:

Optimization State: Healthy

Controller Status: Connected: Branch

The reason she is seeing 0% reduction statistics is:

A. Location Awareness is in effect

B. The Steelhead appliance in the branch office has currently failed

C. There are no more Steelhead Mobile licenses available

D. The Steelhead Mobile Controller is not available as it has been relocated to a branch office

E. Steelhead Mobile does not work on workstations, only laptops

Answer: A

Q68. What optimization can be performed on HTTPS traffic when SSL optimization is enabled?



C. Application Streamlining

D. A and B only

E. A, B,and C

Answer: E

Q69. Which of the following local accounts are available by default on a Steelhead appliance? (Select 2)

A. admin

B. riverbed

C. monitor

D. rvbd

E. root

Answer: AC

Q70. Which two parameters are required when configuring a fixed-target rule?

A. The target IP address and subnet mask of the target Steelhead appliance

B. The TCP option number for auto-discovery

C. The target Steelhead appliance and destination port number

D. The source IP address and source port number of the client traffic

Answer: C