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What port is used for delivering logs from the gateway to the management server?

  • A. Port 258
  • B. Port 18209
  • C. Port 257
  • D. Port 981

Answer: C

Fill in the blank: A ____ is used by a VPN gateway to send traffic as if it were a physical interface.

  • A. VPN Tunnel Interface
  • B. VPN community
  • C. VPN router
  • D. VPN interface

Answer: A

Explanation: Route Based VPN
VPN traffic is routed according to the routing settings (static or dynamic) of the Security Gateway operating system. The Security Gateway uses a VTI (VPN Tunnel Interface) to send the VPN traffic as if it were a physical interface. The VTIs of Security Gateways in a VPN community connect and can support dynamic routing protocols.

Where can you trigger a failover of the cluster members?
Log in to Security Gateway CLI and run command clusterXL_admin down.
In SmartView Monitor right-click the Security Gateway member and select Cluster member stop. Log into Security Gateway CLI and run command cphaprob down.

  • A. 1, 2, and 3
  • B. 2 and 3
  • C. 1 and 2
  • D. 1 and 3

Answer: C

Explanation: How to Initiate Failover
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Which of the following is NOT a component of Check Point Capsule?

  • A. Capsule Docs
  • B. Capsule Cloud
  • C. Capsule Enterprise
  • D. Capsule Workspace

Answer: C

Fill in the blank: With the User Directory Software Blade, you can create R80 user definitions on a(an) ______ Server.

  • A. NT domain
  • B. SMTP
  • C. LDAP
  • D. SecurID

Answer: C

Review the rules. Assume domain UDP is enabled in the implied rules.
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What happens when a user from the internal network tries to browse to the internet using HTTP? The user:

  • A. can connect to the Internet successfully after being authenticated.
  • B. is prompted three times before connecting to the Internet successfully.
  • C. can go to the Internet after Telnetting to the client authentication daemon port 259.
  • D. can go to the Internet, without being prompted for authentication.

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: A ____ VPN deployment is used to provide remote users with secure access to internal corporate resources by authenticating the user through an internet browser.

  • A. Clientless remote access
  • B. Clientless direct access
  • C. Client-based remote access
  • D. Direct access

Answer: A

Explanation: Clientless - Users connect through a web browser and use HTTPS connections. Clientless solutions usually supply access to web-based corporate resources.

With which command can you view the running configuration of Gaia-based system.

  • A. show conf-active
  • B. show configuration active
  • C. show configuration
  • D. show running-configuration

Answer: C

Fill in the blanks. There are _____ types of software containers ______

  • A. Three; security managemen
  • B. Security Gateway and endpoint security.
  • C. Three; Security Gateway, endpoint Security, and gateway management.
  • D. Two; security management and endpoint security
  • E. Two; endpoint security and Security Gateway

Answer: A

What component of R80 Management is used for indexing?

  • A. DBSync
  • B. API Server
  • C. fwm
  • D. SOLR

Answer: D

Which policy type has its own Exceptions section?

  • A. Thread Prevention
  • B. Access Control
  • C. Threat Emulation
  • D. Desktop Security

Answer: A

Explanation: The Exceptions Groups pane lets you define exception groups. When necessary, you can create exception groups to use in the Rule Base. An exception group contains one or more defined exceptions. This option facilitates ease-of-use so you do not have to manually define exceptions in multiple rules for commonly required exceptions. You can choose to which rules you want to add exception groups. This means they can be added to some rules and not to others, depending on necessity.

What must a Security Administrator do to comply with a management requirement to log all traffic accepted through the perimeter Security Gateway?

  • A. In Global Properties > Reporting Tools check the box Enable tracking all rules (including rules marked as None in the Track column). Send these logs to a secondary log server for a complete logging histor
  • B. Use your normal log server for standard logging for troubleshooting.
  • C. Install the View Implicit Rules package using SmartUpdate.
  • D. Define two log servers on the R77 Gateway objec
  • E. Lof Implied Rules on the first log serve
  • F. Enable Log Rule Base on the second log serve
  • G. Use SmartReporter to merge the two log server records into the same database for HIPPA log audits.
  • H. Check the Log Implied Rules Globally box on the R77 Gateway object.

Answer: A

Explanation: Topic 4, Exam Pool D

You have configured SNX on the Security Gateway. The client connects to the Security Gateway and the user enters the authentication credentials. What must happen after authentication that allows the client to connect to the Security Gateway's VPN domain?

  • A. SNX modifies the routing table to forward VPN traffic to the Security Gateway.
  • B. An office mode address must be obtained by the client.
  • C. The SNX client application must be installed on the client.
  • D. Active-X must be allowed on the client.

Answer: A

ABC Corp., and have recently returned from a training course on Check Point's new advanced R80 management platform. You are presenting an in-house R80 Management to the other administrators in ABC Corp.
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How will you describe the new “Publish” button in R80 Management Console?

  • A. The Publish button takes any changes an administrator has made in their management session, publishes a copy to the Check Point of R80, and then saves it to the R80 database.
  • B. The Publish button takes any changes an administrator has made in their management session and publishes a copy to the Check Point Cloud of R80 and but does not save it to the R80
  • C. The Publish button makes any changes an administrator has made in their management session visible to all other administrator sessions and saves it to the Database.
  • D. The Publish button makes any changes an administrator has made in their management session visible to the new Unified Policy session and saves it to the Database.

Answer: C

Explanation: To make your changes available to other administrators, and to save the database before installing a policy, you must publish the session. When you publish a session, a new database version is created.

As you review this Security Policy, what changes could you make to accommodate Rule 4?
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  • A. Remove the service HTTP from the column Service in Rule 4.
  • B. Modify the column VPN in Rule 2 to limit access to specific traffic.
  • C. Nothing at all
  • D. Modify the columns Source or Destination in Rule 4

Answer: B

What protocol is specifically used for clustered environments?

  • A. Clustered Protocol
  • B. Synchronized Cluster Protocol
  • C. Control Cluster Protocol
  • D. Cluster Control Protocol

Answer: D

Choose what BEST describes a Session.

  • A. Starts when an Administrator publishes all the changes made on SmartConsole.
  • B. Starts when an Administrator logs in to the Security Management Server through SmartConsole and ends when it is published.
  • C. Sessions ends when policy is pushed to the Security Gateway.
  • D. Sessions locks the policy package for editing.

Answer: B

Explanation: Administrator Collaboration
More than one administrator can connect to the Security Management Server at the same time. Every administrator has their own username, and works in a session that is independent of the other administrators.
When an administrator logs in to the Security Management Server through SmartConsole, a new editing session starts. The changes that the administrator makes during the session are only available to that administrator. Other administrators see a lock icon on object and rules that are being edited.
To make changes available to all administrators, and to unlock the objects and rules that are being edited, the administrator must publish the session.

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