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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

In a zero downtime firewall cluster environment, what command syntax do you run to avoid switching problems around the cluster for command cphaconf?


set_ccp broadcast

New Questions 6

To qualify as an Identity Awareness enabled rule, which column MAY include an Access Role?

A. Action

B. Source

C. User

D. Track

Answer: B

New Questions 7

Which file gives you a list of all security servers in use, including port number?

A. $FWDIR/conf/conf.conf

B. $FWDIR/conf/servers.conf

C. $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf

D. $FWDIR/conf/serversd.conf

Answer: C

New Questions 8

How can you check whether IP forwarding is enabled on an IP Security Appliance?

A. clish -c show routing active enable

B. cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

C. echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

D. ipsofwd list

Answer: D

New Questions 9

When Dynamic Dispatcher is enabled, connections are assigned dynamically with the exception of

A. Threat Emulation



D. VolP

Answer: D


The following types of traffic are not load-balanced by the CoreXL Dynamic Dispatcher (this traffic will always be handled by the same CoreXL FW instance):

VoIP VPN encrypted packets

New Questions 10

Fill in the blank. The user wants to replace a failed Windows-based firewall with a new server running GAiA.

For the most complete restore of an GAiA configuration, he or she will use the command



New Questions 11

Review the Rule Base displayed.

For which rules will the connection templates be generated in SecureXL?

A. Rules 2 and 5

B. Rules 2 through 5

C. Rule 2 only

D. All rules except Rule 3

Answer: D

New Questions 12

Which of the following authentication methods can be configured in the Identity Awareness setup wizard?

A. Check Point Password



D. Windows password

Answer: C

New Questions 13

Your company has the requirement that SmartEvent reports should show a detailed and accurate view of network activity but also performance should be guaranteed. Which actions should be taken to achieve that?

1) Use same hard drive for database directory, log files, and temporary directory.

2) Use Consolidation Rules.

3) Limit logging to blocked traffic only.

4) Use Multiple Database Tables.

A. 2, 4

B. 1, 3, 4

C. 1, 2, 4

D. 1, 2

Answer: A

New Questions 14

What is the purpose of Priority Delta in VRRP?

A. When a box is up, Effective Priority = Priority + Priority Delta

B. When an Interface is up, Effective Priority = Priority + Priority Delta

C. When an Interface fail, Effective Priority = Priority u2013 Priority Delta

D. When a box fail, Effective Priority = Priority u2013 Priority Delta

Answer: C


Each instance of VRRP running on a supported interface may monitor the link state of other interfaces. The monitored interfaces do not have to be running VRRP. If a monitored interface loses its link state, then VRRP will decrement its priority over a VRID by the specified delta value and then will send out a new VRRP HELLO packet. If the new effective priority is less than the priority a backup platform has, then the backup platform will beging to send out its own HELLO packet. Once the master sees this packet with a priority greater than its own, then it releases the VIP.

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