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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Which of the following is the JavaScript string object special character to insert a new line?

A. /n

B. \n

C. \b

D. /b

Answer: B

New Questions 4

A user can never delete or disable cookies



Answer: B

New Questions 5

The is the building block of all custom objects.

A. statement

B. function

C. variable

D. constructor

Answer: D

New Questions 6

What does the following JavaScript code do" "Hello, World!".length;

A. Test the width of a literal string.

B. Writes Hello, World to the screen.

C. Test the length of a literal string.

D. nothing

Answer: C

New Questions 7

In JavaScript the operator += will

A. add together the operands and assign the result to the right operand.

B. assign the value of the right operand to the left operand.

C. do nothing because it should be =+.

D. add together the operands and assign the result to the left operand.

Answer: D

New Questions 8

is used to associate an object's name with the object's properties or methods.

A. A property

B. A function

C. A statement

D. Dot notation

Answer: D

New Questions 9

Language objects are objects that do not refer to browser related objects.



Answer: A

New Questions 10

All browsers store cookies exactly the same way, in the same directory.



Answer: B

New Questions 11

If the secure attribute is not used, the cookie is not deemed safe to be sent over unprotected channels.



Answer: A

New Questions 12

Which of the following operators is the logical "and", that evaluates to true when both operands are true?


B. &

C. and

D. &&

Answer: D

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