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What is the minimum built-in delegated administration role required to create an Application Group?

  • A. Host Administrator
  • B. Delivery Group Administrator
  • C. Help Desk Administrator
  • D. Machine Catalog Administrator

Answer: B

How can a Citrix Administrator guarantee the availability of resource locations in a Citrix Cloud deployment?

  • A. Deploy at least two Cloud Connectors for each resource location and load-balance them using Citrix ADC.
  • B. Deploy at least two Cloud Connectors for each resource location.
  • C. Convert one Cloud Connector to a template and deploy it when another Cloud Connector goes down.
  • D. Deploy one Cloud Connector in each resource location.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring load balancing on a Citrix ADC appliance for the company web servers. The administrator needs to create a custom monitor that will look for a specific keyword response from the website and will be used to keep the services in an UP state.
Which type of monitor can the administrator create to accomplish this scenario?

  • A. HTTP-ECV monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Receive String field.
  • B. A HTTP monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Response Codes field.
  • C. A TCP monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Response Code field.
  • D. An UDP-ECV monitor with the keyword in the Special Parameters – Receive String field.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator created an SSL virtual server using only the following commands:
1Y0-204 dumps exhibit
The SSL virtual server is currently in a DOWN state.
What could be the reason the SSL virtual server is in a down state?

  • A. The SSL services are NOT on the 10.102.29.X network.
  • B. SSLv3 is disabled.
  • C. The virtual server SSL port is NOT set to port 443.
  • D. The SSL Certificate is NOT bound to the virtual server.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured the “-denySSLReneg” Parametetr using the below command on Citrix ADC to enhance security.
set ssl parameter –denySSLReneg <option>
Which two options can the administrator use to complete the command? (Choose two.)

  • D. NO
  • E. ALL

Answer: AC

Which three options are allowed when using Classic policies? (Choose three.)

  • A. HTTP
  • D. IP
  • E. DNS
  • F. TCP

Answer: ADF

Which Citrix ADC Access Control List (ACL) command can a Citrix Administrator use to bridge traffic originating from

  • A. add ns simpleacl6
  • B. add ns acl6
  • C. add ns acl
  • D. add ns simpleacl

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to reduce costs by limiting users' printing sources. The administrator needs to stop automatic creation of all client printers in a session and map printers based on the floor of the building from which the user's session connects.
Which two policies should the administrator configure to complete this task? (Choose two.)

  • A. Printer properties retention
  • B. Auto-create client printers
  • C. Direct connections to print servers
  • D. Session printers

Answer: CD

Which PowerShell command should a Citrix Administrator run to obtain the name of a deployment, the local host cache configuration and the license level?

  • A. Get-BrokerCatalog
  • B. Get-BrokerController
  • C. Get-BrokerResource
  • D. Get-BrokerSite

Answer: D

What are three daily steps a Citrix Administrator should take to monitor a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops infrastructure? (Choose three.)

  • A. Review Citrix policies.
  • B. Perform a capacity assessment.
  • C. Test environment access.
  • D. Check virtual machine power states.
  • E. Review available Citrix software upgrades.
  • F. Check for warnings or alerts with Citrix Director.

Answer: CDF

What is the first thing a Citrix Administrator should create when creating a Server Certificate for Citrix ADC to secure traffic?

  • A. A Private Key
  • B. A Certificate key-pair
  • C. A Certificate Signing Request
  • D. A Certificate Revocation list

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has made changes to the Citrix ADC, deleting parts of the configuration, and then saved the new configurations. The changes caused an outage which needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. There is no Citrix ADC backup.
What does the administrator need to do to recover the configuration quickly?

  • A. Restore from revision history.
  • B. Restart the Citrix ADC.
  • C. Run HA file synchronization.
  • D. Run Save v/s Running configuration.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator suspects an attack on a load balancing virtual server. The administrator needs to restrict access to the load balancing virtual server ( for 10 minutes.
Which Access Control List (ACL) will help to accomplish this requirement?

  • A. add simpleacl rule1 DENY –srcIP 600
  • B. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP –TTL 600
  • C. add simpleacl rule1 DENY –srcIP –TTL 600000
  • D. add ns acl rule1 DENY –destIP –TTL 600000

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix ADC MPX is using one of four 10G ports available in an environment. A Citrix Administrator found a traffic bottleneck at the Citrix ADC.
What can the administrator do to increase bandwidth on the Citrix ADC?

  • A. Add another 10G Citrix ADC port to the switch and configure Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP).
  • B. Purchase another Citrix ADC MPX appliance.
  • C. Add two more 10 Citrix ADC ports to the network and configure VLAN.
  • D. Plug another 10G Citrix ADC port into the router.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured an HTTP load-balancing virtual server with Least Response Time as the load-balancing algorithm.
The administrator notices that requests to the virtual server appear to be using the Round Robin load-balancing algorithm.
What could be causing the virtual serer to use the Round Robin load-balancing algorithm?

  • A. The Citrix ADC configuration has NOT been saved yet.
  • B. The virtual server is in startup round robin mode.
  • C. The services that are bounbd to the HTTP virtual server are using the PING monitor.
  • D. Least Response Time CANNOT be used as a load-balancing algorithm on an HTTP virtual server.

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has been advised that additional Windows users will need to access the
on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Site. The Site utilizes Citrix Profile Management for all users. The new users have been using Windows Roaming Profiles and will need their existing profile information when they use the Citrix Site. The administrator enables the Profile Management policy setting for 'Enable Migration of Existing Profiles'.
At which stage will the new users' Roaming Profiles be migrated to the existing Profile Management store?

  • A. When the new policy is updated automatically in Active Directory after 90 minutes
  • B. When the new users initiate their first domain authentication
  • C. When the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines configured with the new policy are restarted
  • D. When the new users initiate their first logon to a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machine

Answer: A


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