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In an environment which requires secure user access, a Citrix Administrator configures Authentication, Authorization and Auditing (AAA) to redirect a user to the logon page.
Which four steps are required to complete the authentication process? (Choose four.)

  • A. Configure a syslog server to capture invalid logon attempts?
  • B. Verify that the user is authorized to access specific intranet content
  • C. Collect the user’s credentials to cache them in a directory that is accessible through LDAP
  • D. Log the user accesses, including invalid login attempts, in an audit log
  • E. Create a load-balancing virtual server to redirect for secure access
  • F. Maintain a session timeout, after which users must authenticate again to regain access to the intranet
  • G. Apply specified two-factor authentication method

Answer: CEFG

How can a Cirtix Administrator configure session policies for the Authentication, Authorization and Auditing Traffic Management (AAA-TM) sessions if the authentication virtual server is specified in a Unified Gateway setup?

  • A. The session policies can be defined only for the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
  • B. The AAA-TM session policies are bound to the virtual server.
  • C. The AAA-TM sessions inherit the NetScaler Gateway session policies.
  • D. The AAA-TM policies need to be bound as default global.

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator receives complaints from some users that authentication for the NetScaler Gateway site fails.
Which tool can the administrator use to find data regarding time of failure and a list of users facing this issue?

  • A. Gateway Insight
  • B. Security Insight
  • C. Web Insight
  • D. HDX Insight

Answer: D

Scenario: A NetScaler MPX appliance has become unresponsive while using the GUI. A Citrix Administrator needs to restart the appliance and force a core dump for analysis.
What can the administrator do to accomplish this?

  • A. Use the NMI button on the back of the appliance.
  • B. Connect to the USB port to issue a restart command.
  • C. Use the reset button on the front of the appliance.
  • D. Turn off the appliance using the power button.

Answer: A

Which two features can a Citrix Administrator use to allow secure access to a sensitive company web server that is load-balanced by the NetScaler? (Choose two.)

  • A. ICA proxy
  • B. Integrated caching
  • C. Application Firewall
  • D. AppFlow
  • E. AAA

Answer: AC

A Citrix Administrator needs to customize the user experience for users connecting with the NetScaler Gateway plug-in.
Which three options can the administrator configure in this customization, using session and traffic policies? (Choose three.)

  • A. The level of user access to the applications
  • B. Single sign-on
  • C. Split tunneling
  • D. The domains to which users are allowed access
  • E. Authentication methods

Answer: CDE

A Citrix Administrator needs to create a customized blacklist of IP addresses to supplement the Webroot reputation check, and in order to have stricter access through NetScaler.
How can the administrator create this blacklist?

  • A. Create several extended Access Control List policies.
  • B. Create a data set for IPv4 address matching.
  • C. Enable MAC-based Forwarding.
  • D. Create several simple Access Control List policies.

Answer: A

Which type of NetScaler Service Monitor can a Citrix Administrator use to test a three-way handshake between the NetScaler and the back-end server?

  • A. UDP
  • B. PING
  • C. TCP
  • D. LDAP

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator found that whenever a NetScaler VPX high availability (HA) pair of
appliances fails over, the load-balanced websites are NOT accessible. The administrator investigated the issue and found that the router and switches do NOT support gratuitous ARP (GARP). However, the administrator cannot immediately afford to upgrade the network infrastructure.
What can the administrator do immediately to resolve the issue and prevent a future outage?

  • A. Migrate the VPX pair to different hypervisor hosts.
  • B. Replace the NetScaler VPX appliances with NetScaler MPX appliances
  • C. Configure a Virtual MAC (VMAC) on the NetScaler.
  • D. Utilize IPv6 instead of IPv4.

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator receives user complaints about latency while accessing an application that is being load-balanced on the NetScaler.
Which tool can the administrator use to gather information regarding Response time, Client latency and Server-side processing time?

  • A. aaad.debug
  • B. WAN Insight
  • C. NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS)
  • D. HDX Insight

Answer: D

Which mode on the NetScaler can a Citrix Administrator utilize to avoid asymmetrical packet flows and multiple route/ARP lookups?

  • A. USNIP
  • B. Layer 3
  • C. MAC-based Forwarding
  • D. Layer 2

Answer: C

Explanation: MAC-based forwarding can be used to avoid multiple-route/ARP lookups and to avoid asymmetrical packet flows.

Which three Unified Gateway elements can be configured by the Unified Gateway Wizard? (Choose three.)

  • A. Responder policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • B. A primary and any optional secondary authentication configuration
  • C. The Unified Gateway primary virtual server
  • D. Rewrite policy for HTTP to HTTPS redirect
  • E. An SSL Server Certificate for the Unified Gateway virtual server

Answer: BCE

Users are experiencing resets form the Intranet server website, which is load-balanced trough the NetScaler. Which NetScaler tool can a Citrix Administrator use to troubleshoot the reset issue?

  • A. Take a packet trace with nstrace and analyze with WireShartk.
  • B. Look in the Event Viewer for packet resets from the NetScaler.
  • C. View the new nslog form the command-line interface to look for packet resets form the NetScaler.
  • D. Use the nslog to look for packet resets on the NetScaler.

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator configured a new NetScaler Unified Gateway. The administrator would like to see what Endpoint Analysis and Single Sign-on failures have occurred since implementing the new Gateway.
Which tool can the administrator use to see this data?

  • A. NetScaler Dashboard
  • B. MAS Gateway Insight
  • C. aaad.debug
  • D. MAS Security Insight

Answer: B

After creating and correctly configuring a custom user monitor, from where do the monitor probes originate by default?

  • A. Subnet IP address
  • B. NetScaler IP address
  • C. Mapped IP address
  • D. Virtual IP address

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator created a rewrite policy to add a custom footer for a NetScaler Gateway login page. However, the administrator is NOT able to see the changes on the login page.
Which step can the administrator perform next to see the changes on the login page?

  • A. Restart the NetScaler
  • B. Edit the vpn/gateway_login_view.js file
  • C. Make changes to rc.netscaler
  • D. Disable the Rewrite and Responder feature

Answer: B

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