Exam Code: 1Z0-052 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 Jun 1Z0-052 Study Guide Questions:

Q81. Which two files in the database can be configured for automatic backups by using the autobackup feature in Recovery Manager (RMAN)? (Choose two.)

A. Data Files

B. Control Files

C. Parameter Files

D. Online Redo Log Files

E. Server Parameter File

Answer: BE

Q82. View the Exhibit and examine the output.

Which two statements are true regarding the LISTENER2 listener? (Choose two.)

A. The ORCL instance is registered dynamically with the listener.

B. The ORCL instance is registered statically in the listener.ora file.

C. The number of current client connections handled by the service handler is two.

D. The total number of client connections handled so far by the service handler is two.

Answer: BD

Q83. Examine the command that is used to create a table:



KEY, odate DATE,

ccode NUMBER (6),

oamt NUMBER(10,2)


Which two statements are true about the effect of the above command? (Choose two.)

A. A CHECK constraint is created on the OID column.

B. A NOT NULL constraint is created on the OID column.

C. The ORDERS table is the only object created in the USERS tablespace.

D. The ORDERS table and a unique index are created in the USERS tablespace.

E. The ORDERS table is created in the USERS tablespace and a unique index is created on the OID column in the SYSTEM tablespace.

Answer: BD

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Q84. Which two statements are true regarding a PL/SQL package body? (Choose two.)

A. It cannot be created without a package specification.

B. It cannot invoke subprograms defined in other packages.

C. It can contain only the subprograms defined in the package specification.

D. It can be changed and recompiled without making the package specification invalid.

Answer: AD

Q85. All the database users are presently connected to the database instance and working. The HR user has opened three database sessions and executed the following command in one of his sessions:

SQL> UPDATE persons SET ccode='U031' WHERE ccode='U029'

123 rows updated.

SQL> DELETE FROM persons WHERE exp='Y'

3 rows deleted.

The SYS user opens a new session after HR executed the above commands.

Which sessions can see the effect of the UPDATE and DELETE commands?

A. All sessions of the HR user only

B. All sessions of the HR user and the SYS user

C. The session of the HR user that executed the commands

D. All the sessions for which the database users have access privilege to the PERSONS table

Answer: C

Q86. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to ensure the recovery of the database to the point of failure. Which configuration will you do to accomplish the task?

A. Multiplex all database files.

B. Configure the Flash Recovery Area.

C. Configure the database instance for ARCHIVELOG mode.

D. Configure the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET initialization parameter.

Answer: C


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Q87. You want to configure and schedule offline database backups to run automatically.

Which tool or utility would you use to achieve this?

A. The XML script

B. The PL/SQL script


D. Enterprise Manager to schedule the backup

Answer: D

Q88. While observing the index statistics, you find that an index is highly fragmented, thereby resulting in poor database performance. Which option would you use to reduce fragmentation without affecting the users who are currently using the index?

A. Validate the index structure using the ANALYZE .... INDEX command

B. Rebuild the index using the ALTER INDEX ..... REBUILD ONLINE command

C. Change the block space utilization parameters using the ALTER INDEX command

D. Deallocate the unused space in the index using the ALTER INDEX ... DEALLOCATE UNUSED command

Answer: B

Q89. Why does performance degrade when many UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statements are issued on a table that has an associated bitmap index?

A. The DML operations re-create the bitmap index blocks

B. The bitmap index is rebuilt automatically after a DML operation

C. The smallest amount of a bitmap that can be locked is a bitmap segment

D. Additional time is taken to remove NULL values from the bitmap index after a DML operation

Answer: C

Q90. Which two statements are true regarding B-tree index? (Choose two.)

A. The leaf blocks in the index are doubly linked.

B. The leaf node stores a bitmap for each key value.

C. The rows with NULL value in key columns also have entries in the index.

D. The deletion of a row from the table causes a logical deletion in index leaf block and the space becomes available for the new leaf entry.

Answer: AD