Exam Code: 1Z0-052 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q51. Identify two situations in which the block header grows in a data block. (Choose two.)

A. When row directories need more row entries

B. When there is row migration in the data block

C. When there is an increase in the PCTFREE value for the data block

D. When more transaction slots are required than are initially configured

Answer: AD

Q52. You executed the following command to create a tablespace called SALES_DATA:




Which two statements are true about the SALES_DATA tablespace? (Choose two)

A. The database automatically determines the extent-sizing policy for the tablespace.

B. The segments are automatically shrunk when the contents are removed from them.

C. The allocation of extents within the tablespace is managed through the dictionary tables.

D. The space utilization description of the data blocks in segments is recorded in bitmap blocks.

E. The space utilization description of the data blocks in segments is managed through free lists.

Answer: AD

Q53. Which two statements are true about alerts? (Choose two.)

A. Clearing an alert sends the alert to the alert history

B. Response actions cannot be specified with server-generated alerts

C. The nonthreshold alerts appear in the DBA_OUTSTANDING_ALERTS view

D. Server-generated alerts notify the problems that cannot be resolved automatically and require administrators to be notified

Answer: AD

Q54. Which two statements are true regarding listeners? (Choose two.)

A. Listeners use only the TCP/IP protocol.

B. Multiple listener processes can run simultaneously on a host.

C. Multiple database instances can be registered with a single listener.

D. The listener-related errors can be traced only at the administrative level.

E. Only one database instance can be registered with a single listener at any time.

Answer: BC

Q55. You are using Enterprise Manager to schedule backups for your database.

Which type of script would be generated by the backup scheduler?

A. XML script

B. PL/SQL script

C. Operating system script

D. Recovery Manager (RMAN) script

Answer: D


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Q56. View the Exhibit and examine the setting for a table.

Which statement is true about the PCTFREE setting for the table?

A. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved to contain chained rows from other blocks.

B. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved as free space before the server prevents inserts into the block.

C. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved to contain the bitmap used to maintain the free block information.

D. It sets the minimum percentage of a block that can be used for row data plus overhead before new rows are added to the block.

Answer: B

Q57. In your database instance, the user sessions are connected to the database server from the remote machines. You want to achieve the following for these users:

1. The user account must be locked after four unsuccessful login attempts.

2. The user must be prompted to change the password at regular intervals.

3. The user may not have more than three simultaneous sessions.

4. The user session must automatically be logged off if more than 10 minutes elapsed time used.

How would you accomplish the above?

A. By assigning profiles for the users

B. By implementing Fine-Grained Auditing (FGA)

C. By granting a secure application role to the users

D. By implementing the Database Resource Manager plan

Answer: A

Q58. You are working on a database that must be functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The database is configured in ARCHIVELOG mode.

Which two options do you have for performing user-managed backups? (Choose two.)

A. You can perform consistent backups only.

B. You can perform a complete database backup without shutting down the database instance.

C. You can back up data files only when all data files have the same SCN recorded in the control file.

D. You can back up only those data files whose headers are frozen by using ALTER TABLESPACE BEGIN BACKUP or ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP commands.

Answer: BD

Q59. You plan to move data from a flat file to a table in your database. You decide to use SQL*Loader direct path load method to perform this task. The table in which you plan to load data in an important table having various integrity constraint defined on it.

Which constraints will remain enabled by default during this operation? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: BCD

Q60. Note the following points describing various utilities in Oracle Database 11g:

1. It enables the high-speed transfer of data from one database to another

2. It provides a complete solution for the backup, restoration and recovery needs of the entire database

3. It enables the loading of data from an external file into table of an Oracle Database

4. It provides a tape backup management for the Oracle ecosystem

Which point describes Oracle Secure Backup?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 1,2 and 4

F. 1,2,3, and 4

Answer: D