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Q21. You suspect unauthorized data manipulation language (DML) operations on a particular table. You want to track users who are performing the transactions and the values used in the transactions.

You also plan to transfer these values to another table for analysis. How would you achieve this?

A. by using triggers

B. by using Data Pump

C. by using external tables

D. by using anonymous PL/SQL blocks

Answer: A

Q22. Examine the following command that is used to create a table:

Which two statements are true about the effect of the above command? (Choose two.)

A. A CHECK constraint is created on the OID column

B. A NOT NULL constraint is created on the OID column

C. The ORDERS table is the only object created in the USERS tablespace

D. The ORDERS table and a unique index are created in the USERS tablespace

E. The ORDERS table is created in the USERS tablepsace and a unique index is created on the

OID column in the SYSTEM tablespace

Answer: BD

Q23. Examine the values for the following initialization parameters:



Which two will be the implications of these values in your database? (Choose two.)

A. The SGA advisor will be disabled

B. The MTTR advisor will be disabled

C. Automatic checkpoint tuning will be disabled

D. Checkpoint information will not be written to the alert log file

Answer: BC

Q24. See the Exhibit:

Which statements are true regarding the USERS tablespace? (Choose all that apply.)

A. A bitmap is used to record free extents

B. Free extents information is managed within the tablespace

C. Free extents information is managed in the SYSAUX tablespace

D. The data dictionary tables are updated when extents are allocated or deallocated

Answer: AB

Q25. Why does performance degrade when many UPDATE, INSERT or DELETE statements are issued on a table that has an associated bitmap index?

A. The DML operations re-create the bitmap index blocks

B. The bitmap index is rebuilt automatically after a DML operation

C. The smallest amount of a bitmap that can be locked is a bitmap segment

D. Additional time is taken to remove NULL values from the bitmap index after a DML operation

Answer: C

Q26. You want to enable archiving on your database. Presently, the database is running in NOARCHIVELOG mode.

Given below are the steps to accomplish the task in random order:

1. Shut down the instance.

2. Execute the ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG command.

3. Start up the instance and mount the database.

4. Set the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST initialization parameter to $ORACLE_HOME/dest_1.

5. Open the database.

Which is the correct sequence of steps for accomplishing the task?

A. 4, 1, 3, 2, 5

B. 1, 3, 4, 5, 2

C. 1, 3, 2, 5; 4 not required

D. 4, 1, 5, 2; 3 not required

E. 1, 3, 4, 5; 2 not required

Answer: C

Q27. View the Exhibit to examine the details for an incident.

Which statement is true regarding the status of the incident?

A. The DBA is working on the incident and prefers that the incident be kept in the ADR

B. The incident is now in the Done state and the ADR can select the incident to be purged

C. The incident has been newly created and is in the process of collecting diagnostic information

D. The data collection for the incident is complete and the incident can be packaged and sent to Oracle Support

Answer: D

Q28. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database running in ARCHIVELOG mode. The Flash Recovery Area is specified as the destination for the archived redo log files. You notice this warning in the alert log file:

ORA19815: WARNING: db_recovery_file_dest_size of 3221225472 bytes is 100.00% used, and has 0 remaining bytes available.

What would you do to reclaim the used space in the Flash Recovery Area? (Choose two.)

A. Back up the Flash Recovery Area.

B. Decrease the retention time for the database backup and flashback log files.

C. Manually delete all the archived log files from the Flash Recovery Area by using operating system (OS) commands.

D. Manually delete all the expired backup sets from the Flash Recovery Area by using operating system (OS) commands.

Answer: AB

Q29. In a system, large online transaction processing (OLTP) jobs run during the daytime that require a large database buffer cache. In the night, the system supports batch jobs that require a higher value to be set for the large pool. You must simultaneously configure the memory components to accommodate the peak requirement.

What would you do to automate this configuration for the memory components with change in mode of working?

A. Set the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter to zero.

B. Set the PRE_PAGE_SGA initialization parameter to TRUE.

C. Set the MEMORY_MAX_TARGET initialization parameter to zero.

D. Set the SGA_TARGET initialization parameter to a nonzero value.

Answer: D

Q30. Which two operations can be performed on an external table? (Choose two.)

A. Create a view on the table

B. Create an index on the table

C. Create a synonym on the table

D. Add a virtual column to the table

E. Update the table using the UPDATE statement

F. Delete rows in the table using the DELETE command

Answer: AC