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Q51. Which two statements are true regarding B-tree index? (Choose two.)

A. The leaf blocks in the index are doubly linked.

B. The leaf node stores a bitmap for each key value.

C. The rows with NULL value in key columns also have entries in the index.

D. The deletion of a row from the table causes a logical deletion in index leaf block and the space becomes available for the new leaf entry.

Answer: AD

Q52. View the Exhibit and note the files available in the $ORACLE_HOME/dbs folder. The ASM instance is already running. You used the following steps to start the database instance and open the database:

A. init.ora

B. spfile.ora

C. initorcl.ora

D. spfile+ASM.ora

Answer: B

Q53. The database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. Examine the initialization parameters and their values set to enable archiving on your database server:

Which statement is true regarding the archived redo log files?

A. It will be created on the local file system.

B. It will be created only in the Flash Recovery Area.

C. It will be created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and the default location $ORACLE_HOME/dbs.

D. It will be created in the location specified by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter and location specified by the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter.

Answer: A

Q54. Note the following points describing various utilities in Oracle Database 11g:

Which point describes the Oracle Data Pump utility?

1. It enables the transfer of data from one database to another

2. It provides a complete solution for the backup, restoration and recovery needs of the entire database

3. It enables the loading of data from an external file into tables of an Oracle Database

4. It provides a tape backup management for the Oracle ecosystem

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 1 and 3

F. 1, 2, 3 and 4

Answer: A

Q55. Examine the following output:

Which two statements about the above index are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is ignored by the query optimizer.

B. It is not used while the index is being rebuilt.

C. The index cannot be rebuilt, and has to be re-created.

D. The index is automatically rebuilt when used the next time.

Answer: AB

Q56. You executed this command to create a temporary table:


startdate DATE,

enddate DATE,

class CHAR(20)


Which statement is true about the rows inserted into the REPORT_WORK_AREA table during a transaction?

A. The rows stay in the table only until session termination

B. The rows stay in the table only until the next transaction starts on the table

C. The rows are visible to all current sessions after the transaction in committed

D. The rows stay available for subsequent sessions after the transaction is committed

Answer: A

Q57. View the Exhibit and examine the command used to create the ZONEDATA table. The table contains a million rows for zonewise analysis in the DSS system. DML operations are performed very rarely on the table. You decide to prepare an index on the ZONE column to enhance the performance of the queries on the ZONE column.

Which type of index would you select in this scenario?


A. Bitmap index

B. Reverse key index 

C. Normal BTree index 

D. Functionbased index

Answer: A

Q58. View the Exhibit and examine the setting for a table.

Which statement is true about the PCTFREE setting for the table?

A. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved to contain chained rows from other blocks.

B. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved as free space before the server prevents inserts into the block.

C. It sets the minimum percentage of a data block to be reserved to contain the bitmap used to maintain the free block information.

D. It sets the minimum percentage of a block that can be used for row data plus overhead before new rows are added to the block.

Answer: B

Q59. You want to move all objects of the APPS user in the test database to the DB_USR schema of the production database. Which option of IMPDP would you use to accomplish this task?






Answer: D

Q60. You have two tables with referential integrity enforced between them. You need to insert data to the child table first because it is going to be a long transaction and data for the parent table will be available in a later stage, which can be inserted as part of the same transaction.

View the Exhibit to examine the commands used to create tables.

Which action would you take to delay the referential integrity checking until the end of the transaction?


A. Set the constraint to deferred before starting the transaction

B. Alter the constraint to NOVALIDATE state before starting the transaction

C. Enable the resumable mode for the session before starting the transaction

D. Set the COMMIT_WAIT parameter to FORCE_WAIT for the session before starting the transaction

Answer: A