Exam Code: 1Z0-053 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q281. Your developers have asked you to restore the development database, which is in NOARCHIVELOG mode, back to last Tuesday the 20th. Your last backup is from Monday the 19th. What do you do?

A. Restore the 19th's backup, restore all archived redo logs, recover the database to the 20th, and open the database.

B. Tell them that their request cannot be met with the current backup strategy.

C. Restore the 19th's backup, apply the online redo logs, and open the database.

D. Switch the database into ARCHIVELOG mode, restore the 19th's backup, restore all archived redo logs, and recover the database to the 20th.

E. Use the recover database command to roll back the database from today to the 19th of the month.

Answer: B

Q282. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g instance with ASM storage. The ASM instance is down. To know the details of the disks in the DATA disk group , you issued the following ASMCMD command:

ASMCMD> lsdsk -I -d DATA

Which statement is true regarding the outcome of this command?

A. The command succeeds but it retrieves only the disk names.

B. The command produces an error because the ASM instance is down.

C. The command succeeds but it shows only the status of the ASM instance.

D. The command succeeds and retrieves information by scanning the disk headers based on an ASM_DISKSTRING value.

Answer: D

Q283. Your database has experienced a loss of datafile users_01.dbf, which is associated with a ablespace called USERS. The database is still running. Which answer properly describes the rder of the steps that you would use to recover from this error?

a. Shut down the database.

b. Take the users_01.dbf datafile offline with the alter database command.

c. Restore the users_01.dbf datafile from backup media with the required archived redo logs.

d. Restore all users tablespace-related datafiles from backup media.

e. Issue the recover tablespace users command.

f. Issue the recover datafile users_01.dbf command.

g. Start up the database.

h. Bring the users_01.dbf datafile online with the alter database command.

A. a, c, f, g

B. b, c, f, h

C. a, b, c, f, g

D. a, b, c, f, g, h

E. b, c, f, e, g

Answer: B

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Q284. Which of these formats represents the correct hierarchy for the ADR?

A. <diagnostic_dest>/rdbms/diag/<dbname>/<instname>

B. <diagnostic_dest>/diag/rdbms/<instname>/<dbname>

C. <diagnostic_dest>/diag/rdbms/<dbname>/<instname>

D. None of the above

Answer: C

Q285. Consider the following scenario for your database:

- Backup optimization is enabled in RMAN.

- The recovery window is set to 7 days in RMAN.

- The most recent backup to disk for the TOOLS tablespace was taken on November 3, 2007.

- The TOOLS tablespace is read-only since November 4, 2007.

On November 23, 2007, you issue the RMAN command to back up the database to disk.

Which statement is true regarding the backup of the TOOLS tablespace?

A. The RMAN backup fails because the TOOLS tablespace is read-only

B. The RMAN skips the backup of the tablespace because backup optimization is enabled

C. The RMAN makes backup because optimization can be enabled only for backups to disk

D. The RMAN makes the backup because no backup of the tablespace exists within the seven day window

Answer: D

Q286. You want to enable resumable space allocation at the instance level.

Which two actions would enable resumable space allocation at the instance level? (Choose two.)

A. issuing the ALTER SYSTEM ENABLE RESUMABLE; statement

B. issuing the ALTER SESSION ENABLE RESUMABLE; statement

C. modifying the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT initialization parameter to a nonzero value

D. issuing the ALTER SYSTEM SET RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT=<nonzero value>; statement

Answer: CD


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Q287. In your production database, you:

- Are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) with a recovery catalog to perform the backup operation at regular intervals

Set the control file autobackup to "on"

- Are maintaining image copies of the database files

You have lost the server parameter tile (SPFILE) and the control file. Which option must you consider before restoring the SPFILI: and the control file by using the control file autobackup?

A. setting DBID for the database

B. using the RMAN SWITCH command

C. using the RMAN SWITCH command

D. starting up the database Instance In the NOMOUNT state

Answer: C

Q288. What is the net effect of the following command?

alter diskgroup dgroup1 drop disk abc;

A. The disk ABC will be dropped from the disk group. Since you did not issue a rebalance command, the data on that disk will be lost.

B. The command will raise an error indicating that you need to rebalance the disk group to remove the data from that disk prior to dropping the disk.

C. The disk group will be automatically rebalanced during the drop operation. Once the rebalancing is complete, the disk will be dropped.

D. This command will fail because you cannot drop a specific disk in an ASM disk group.

E. The disk drop command will be suspended for a predetermined amount of time, waiting for you to also issue an alter diskgroup rebalance command. Once you have issued the rebalance command, ASM will proceed to rebalance the disk group and then drop the disk.

Answer: C

Q289. You installed Oracle Database 11g and are performing a manual upgrade of the Oracle9i database. As a part of the upgrade process, you execute the following script:


Which statement about the execution of this script is true?

A. It must be executed from the Oracle Database 11g environment.

B. It must be executed only after the SYSAUX tablespace has been created.

C. It must be executed from the environment of the database that is being upgraded.

D. It must be executed only after AUTOEXTEND is set to ON for all existing tablespaces.

E. It must be executed from both the Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 9i environments.

Answer: C

Q290. You run the following commands:

RMAN> list expired backup;

RMAN> delete expired backup;

What will happen to the backup set pieces associated with the backups that appear in the list expired backup command?

A. They will be renamed.

B. Nothing will happen to them. The backup set pieces do not exist.

C. They will be deleted immediately since they are not in the flash recovery area.

D. You will need to manually remove the physical files listed in the output of the commands.

E. They will become hidden files and removed 10 days later.

Answer: B