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Q61. Which two statements are true regarding the functionality of the remap command in ASMCMD? 

(Choose two.)

A. It repairs blocks that have read disk I/O errors.

B. It checks whether the alias metadata directory and the file directory are linked correctly.

C. It repairs blocks by always reading them from the mirror copy and writing them to the original location.

D. It reads the blocks from a good copy of an ASM mirror and rewrites them to an alternate location on disk if the blocks on the original location cannot be read properly.

Answer: AD

Q62. Which of the following best describes a full backup?

A. All datafiles of a database

B. All datafiles, archive logs, and control files

C. All datafiles and control files

D. All the used blocks in a datafile

Answer: D

Q63. Before a Flashback Table operation, you execute the following command:


Why would you need this to be executed?

A. Because row IDs may change during the flashback operation

B. Because the object number changes after the flashback operation

C. Because the rows are retrieved from the recycle bin during the flashback operation

D. Because the table is moved forward and back to a temporary during the flashback opertion

Answer: A

Q64. Which three are the valid statements in relation to SQL plan baselines? (Choose three.)

A. The plans can be manually loaded to the SQL plan baseline.

B. The plans in the SQL plan baseline are verified and accepted plans.

C. The plans generated for every SQL statement are stored in the SQL plan baseline by default.

D. The plan baselines are stored temporarily in the memory as long as the database instance is running.

E. For the SQL plan baselines to be accessible to the optimizer, the SYSAUX tablespace must be online.

Answer: ABE

Q65. Which of the following is not an advantage of block media recovery (BMR)?

A. Reduced MTTR.

B. Datafiles remain offline while corrupt blocks are repaired.

C. Datafiles remain online while corrupt blocks are repaired.

D. A and C

Answer: B

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Q66. View the Exhibit to examine the details for an incident. Which statement is true regarding the status of the incident?

A. The incident has been newly created and is in the process of collecting diagnostic information.

B. The incident is now in the Done state and the ADR can select the incident to be purged.

C. The DBA is working on the incident and prefers that the incident be kept in the ADR.

D. The data collection for the incident is complete and the incident can be packaged and sent to Oracle Support.

Answer: D

Q67. When you're performing active database duplication, a backup of what kind is required?

A. A current RMAN backup-set backup is required.

B. No backup is required.

C. An RMAN image backup is required.

D. A manual backup is required.

E. A "duplicate" preparatory backup is required.

Answer: B

Q68. Which operation requires that you create an auxiliary instance manually before executing the operation? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Backup-based database duplication.

B. Active database duplication.

C. Tablespace point-in-time recovery.

D. No operation requires the creation of an auxiliary instance.

Answer: AB

Q69. You backed up the database at 8 a.m. today using an online backup. Accounting made a large change to the underlying data between 10 a.m. and noon. Which of the following actions would ensure that the changes could be recovered using the 8 a.m. backup?

A. Create a manual incremental online database backup.

B. Back up all the archived redo logs generated since the 8 a.m. backup.

C. Create a brand-new backup after all the changes have been applied.

D. There is no way to make the changes recoverable based on the 8 a.m. backup.

E. Perform an online backup of the tablespace(s) that contained changed data.

Answer: B

Q70. Which of the following statements are true regarding the Recycle Bin? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The Recycle Bin is a physical storage area for dropped objects.

B. The Recycle Bin is a logical container for dropped objects.

C. The Recycle Bin stores the results of a Flashback Drop operation.

D. The objects in the Recycle Bin are stored in the tablespace in which they were created.

Answer: BD