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Q131. What is the purpose of the RMAN recovery catalog? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Make backups faster

B. Store RMAN metadata

C. Store RMAN scripts

D. Provide the ability to do centralized backup reporting.

E. Make recovery faster

Answer: BCD

Q132. While Monitoring the space usage in your database that is in ARCHIVELOG mode you observed that the flash recovery area does not have enough free space to accommodate any more files and you do not have necessary permissions to add more space to it.

Identify the two events that can occur in the event of a log switch? (Choose two.)

A. An entry is created in the alert log file and the database instance continues to function normally

B. The log switch hangs occur for transactions until free space is available in the flash recovery area

C. The Oracle database server deletes a file that is on the obsolete file list to make free space in the flash recovery area

D. The database instance status is implicitly changed to RESTRICTED mode and file creations to the flash recovery area are prevented

Answer: BC

Q133. Given two different character sets (A and B), which of the following must be true for A to be considered a strict superset of B? (Choose all that apply.)

A. A must contain all of the characters defined in B.

B. A must be Unicode.

C. The encoded values in A must match the encoded values in B for all characters defined in B.

D. A must be a multibyte character set.

E. The encoded values in A must match the encoded values in B for all numeric and alphabetic characters in B.

Answer: AC

Q134. Which two client requests are captured during database replay Capture? (Choose two)

A. Flashback queries

B. Shared server requests

C. Login and logoff activities of sessions

D. Direct path load of data from external files by using utilities such as SQL *loader

E. Data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) operations

Answer: CE

Q135. You notice that a job in a chain has not completed on a nonconstrained RAC database. Which of these are valid reasons why that might occur?

A. The job priority is 1 and the resource consumer group CPU emphasis allocation is a low percentage.

B. The job affinity is to a service and one node in that service is unavailable.

C. The job affinity is to an instance and that instance is unavailable.

D. There is no service affinity.

E. None of the above.

Answer: C

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Q136. You are trying to recover your database. During the recovery process, you receive the following error:

ORA-00279: change 5033391 generated at 08/17/2008 06:37:40 needed for thread 1

ORA-00289: suggestion :



ORA-00280: change 5033391 for thread 1 is in sequence #11

ORA-00278: log file


/o1_mf_1_10_4bj6wnqm_.arc' no longer needed for this recovery

Specify log: {<RET>=suggested | filename | AUTO | CANCEL}

ORA-00308: cannot open archived log



ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status

Linux Error: 2: No such file or directory

Additional information: 3

How do you respond to this error? (Choose two.)

A. Restore the archived redo log that is missing and attempt recovery again.

B. Recovery is complete and you can open the database.

C. Recovery needs redo that is not available in any archived redo log. Attempt to apply an online redo log if available.

D. Recover the entire database and apply all archived redo logs again.

E. Recovery is not possible because an archived redo log has been lost.

Answer: AC

Q137. You executed the following commands in an RMAN session for your database instance that has failures:


After some time, you executed the following command in the same session:


But there are new failures recorded in the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) after the execution of the last LIST FAILURE command. Which statement is true for the above ADVISE FAILURE command in this scenario?

A. It produces a warning for new failures before advising for CRITICAL and HIGH failures.

B. It ignores new failures and considers the failures listed in the last LIST FAILURE command only.

C. It produces an error with recommendation to run the LIST FAILURE command before the ADVISE FAILURE command.

D. It produces advice only for new failures and the failures listed in the last LIST FAILURE command are ignored.

Answer: A

Q138. Which two statements are true with respect to the maintenance window? (Choose two.)

A. A DBA can enable or disable an individual task in all maintenance windows.

B. A DBA cannot change the duration of the maintenance window after it is created.

C. In case of a long maintenance window, all Automated Maintenance Tasks are restarted every four hours.

D. A DBA can control the percentage of the resource allocated to the Automated Maintenance Tasks in each window.

Answer: AD

Q139. The INV_HISTORY table is created using the command:


 (inv_no NUMBER(3),

inv_date DATE,

inv_amt NUMBER(10,2))

partition by range (inv_date)

interval (numtoyminterval(1,'month'))

 (partition p0 values less than (to_date('01-01-2005','dd-mm-yyyy')),

partition p1 values less than (to_date('01-01-2006','dd-mm-yyyy')));

The following data has been inserted into the INV_HISTORY table :


1 30-dec-2004 1000

2 30-dec-2005 2000

3 1-feb-2006 3000

4 1-mar-2006 4000

5 1-apr-2006 5000

You would like to store the data belonging to the year 2006 in a single partition and issue the command:


FOR(TO_DATE('15-feb-2006','dd-mon-yyyy')), FOR(TO_DATE('15-apr-2006'))


What would be the outcome of this command?

A. It executes successfully, and the transition point is set to '1-apr-2006'.

B. It executes successfully, and the transition point is set to '15-apr-2006'.

C. It produces an error because the partitions specified for merging are not adjacent.

D. It produces an error because the date values specified in the merge do not match the date values stored in the table.

Answer: C

Q140. You have enabled resumable space allocation in your database by setting the RESUMABLE_TIMEOUT parameter set to a nonzero value.

Which three statements about resumable space allocation are true? (Choose three.)

A. Even with resumable space allocation enabled for your database, you can disable resumable space allocation for a single session.

B. A resumable statement is suspended only if an out of space error occurs.

C. When a resumable statement is suspended, the transaction that contains the statement is also suspended.

D. A resumable statement can only be suspended and resumed once during the execution of the statement.

E. You can query the V$SESSION_WAIT dynamic performance view to identify the statements that are suspended for a session.

Answer: ACE