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2021 Jul 1z0-053 vce:

Q161. Examine the following RMAN command:



Which prerequisite must be met before accomplishing the backup?

A. Provide a password for the encryption

B. Set up an Oracle wallet for the encryption

C. No setup is required as it is a default encryption method

D. Both Oracle wallet and password must be set up for the encryption

Answer: B

Q162. You create a new Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) task:

instance_analysis_mode_task. To view the ADDM report, you use the following command:

SQL> SELECT dbms_addm.get_report('my_instance_analysis_mode_task') FROM dual;

You want to suppress ADDM output relating to Segment Advisor actions on user SCOTT's segments. What would you do to achieve this?

A. Add a finding directive for the ADDM task.

B. Add a segment directive for the ADDM task.

C. Add a parameter directive for the ADDM task.

D. Disable the Segment Advisor from the Automatic Maintenance Task.

Answer: B

Q163. If you are going to run a TSPITR recovery, which view will help you to determine which objects will be lost during the TSPITR?






Answer: C

Q164. What is the correct order of steps to perform an online database backup?

a. alter database begin backup;

b. alter database end backup;

c. Back up the database datafiles.

d. Back up the archive log files.

e. alter system switch logfile;

A. a, b, c, d, e

B. e, d, a, b, c

C. a, c, b, d, e

D. d, b, c, a, e

E. a, c, b, e, d

Answer: E

Q165. Which two statements are correct about database transportation? (Choose two.)

A. The source and target platforms must be the same

B. Redo logs, control files and temp files are also transported

C. The transported database must have the same database identifier (DBID) as the source database and cannot be changed

D. The COMPATIBLE parameter must be set to or higher and the database must be opened in readonly mode before being transported

E. Recovery Manager (RMAN) is used to convert the necessary data files of the database if the target platform is different and has different endian format

Answer: DE

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Q166. If you lost your entire database, including the database spfile, control files, online redo logs, and database datafiles, what kind of recovery would be required with RMAN?

A. Complete database recovery.

B. Incomplete database recovery.

C. Approximate database recovery.

D. Archived database recovery.

E. The database could not be recovered with RMAN.

Answer: B

Q167. You have just performed a FLASHBACK TABLE operation using the following command:

flashback table employees to scn 123456;

The employees table has triggers associated with it. Which of the following statements is true regarding the state of the triggers during the Flashback Table operation?

A. All the triggers are disabled.

B. All the triggers are enabled by default.

C. Enabled triggers remain enabled and disabled triggers remain disabled.

D. Triggers are deleted when a Flashback Table operation is performed.

Answer: A

Q168. What is an obsolete backup set?

A. A backup set that is missing one or more backup set pieces

B. A backup that has exceeded the retention criteria and is no longer needed

C. A backup set that does not include archived redo logs

D. A backup set that can not be recovered due to corruption

E. A backup set superceded by a datafile copy

Answer: B

Q169. The following query will provide what information about transportable tablespaces for the current database? (Choose all that apply.)

select d.platform_name "Source", t.platform_name

"Compatible Targets", endian_format

from v$transportable_platform t, v$database d

where t.endian_format = (select endian_format

from v$transportable_platform t,

v$database d

where d.platform_name =

A. platform_name);

B. The list of target platforms having the same endian format as the source database

C. The list of target platforms requiring endian conversion

D. The list of target platforms that will not require endian conversion

E. The list of all target platforms that can receive transportable tablespaces from the source database

F. None of the above

Answer: AC

Q170. Which statement is true regarding virtual private catalogs?

A. A virtual private catalog owner can create a local stored script, and have read/write access to a global stored script.

B. The virtual private catalog owner cannot create and modify the stored scripts.

C. The set of views and synonyms that make up the virtual private catalog is stored in the schema of the RMAN recovery catalog owner.

D. To perform most of the RMAN operations, the virtual catalog owner must have the SYSDBA or SYSOPER privilege on the target database.

Answer: D