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Q51. Which NLS parameter directly governs linguistic searches?





E. None of the above

Answer: B

Q52. You performed an incomplete recovery and opened the database with the RESETLOGS option. The LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT parameter is set to 'ora_%t_%s_%r.log'. Which statement regarding the archived redo log files, created in an earlier incarnation of the database, is true?

A. The archived redo log files will be overwritten.

B. The archived redo log files are deleted automatically.

C. The archived redo log files should be moved to some other location.

D. The archived redo log files are still maintained because the file names are unique.

Answer: D

Q53. View the following SQL statements:

Transaction T1

INSERT INTO hr.regions VALUES (5,'Pole');


Transaction T2

UPDATE hr.regions SET region_name='Poles' WHERE region_id = 5;


Transaction T3

UPDATE hr.regions SET region_name='North and South Poles' WHERE

region_id = 5;

You want to back out transaction T2. Which option would you use? 

A. It is possible, but transaction T3 also backs out.

B. It is possible with the NOCASCADE_FORCE option.

C. It is possible with the NONCONFLICT_ONLY option.

D. It is not possible because it has conflicts with transaction T3.

Answer: B

Q54. Which statement is true regarding online redefinition for the migration of BasicFile LOBs to SecureFile LOBs?

A. It cannot be done in parallel.

B. It can be done at the table level or partition level.

C. It does not require additional storage because the operation is done online.

D. Local and global indexes are maintained automatically during the operation.

Answer: B

Q55. View the Exhibit to examine the parameter values. You are planning to set the value for the MEMORY_TARGET parameter of your database instance. What value would you assign?

A. 1440 MB

B. 90 MB

C. 362 MB

D. 272 MB

Answer: C

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Q56. The RECYCLEBIN parameter is set to ON for your database. You drop a table, PRODUCTS, from the SCOTT schema.

Which two statements are true regarding the outcome of this action? (Choose two)

A. All the related indexes and views are automatically dropped

B. The flashback drop feature can recover only the table structure

C. Only the related indexes are dropped whereas views are invalidated

D. The flashback drop feature can recover both the table structure and its data

Answer: CD

Q57. View the Exhibit and examine the output.

You execute the following RMAN command to perform the backup operation:





What is the multiplexing level in the preceding backup process?

A. 4

B. 8

C. 7

D. 0

Answer: A

Q58. When setting up the Flashback Data Archive, which of these key parameters are required? 

(Choose all that apply.)

A. Tablespace name

B. Storage quota

C. Retention

D. Table name

E. Create a default archive

Answer: AC

Q59. How many database instances are used during a database-duplication process? 

A. One

B. Two

C. Three

D. Four

E. Five

Answer: B

Q60. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to take the backup of MULT_DATA, a big file tablespace of size 100 TB on tape drive, but you have tapedrives of only 10 GB each. Which method would accomplish the task quickly and efficiently?

A. parallel image copy backup

B. backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channel

C. parallel backup with MAXPIECESIZE configured for the channe

D. intrafile parallel backup

Answer: D