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Q21. Which of these appropriately describes the results of a manual SQL Tuning Advisor task?

A. A list of SQL statements and recommendations for tuning

B. A list of SQL statements that have been tuned by the Advisor, with before and after metrics

C. Graphs showing the actual performance improvement made by the Advisor after it implemented the recommended changes

D. All of the above

Answer: A

Q22. You want to back up your 100-GB database on a remote tape device. You are required to ensure that minimum network bandwidth is consumed while transferring the backups to the tape device. The current consumption of your CPU is approximately 40 percent.

Which type of backup should you perform?

A. standard backup set

B. image copy

C. compressed backup

D. user-managed backup

Answer: C

Q23. Which of the following statements best describes Flashback Versions Query?

A. Flashback Versions Query is used to make changes to multiple versions of data that existed between two points in time.

B. Flashback Versions Query is used to view all version changes on rows that existed between the time the query was executed and a point in time in the past.

C. Flashback Versions Query is used to view version changes and the SQL to undo those changes on rows that existed between two points in time.

D. Flashback Versions Query is used to view all version changes on rows that existed between two points in time.

Answer: D

Q24. Which two statements are true regarding the SQL Repair Advisor? (Choose two.)

A. The SQL Repair Advisor can be invoked to tune the performance of the regressed SQL statements.

B. The SQL Repair Advisor can be invoked even when the incident is not active for a SQL statement crash.

C. The SQL Repair Advisor is invoked by the Health Monitor when it encounters the problematic SQL statement.

D. The DBA can invoke the SQL Repair Advisor when he or she receives an alert generated when a SQL statement crashes and an incident is created in the ADR.

Answer: BD

Q25. You are using Recovery Manager (RMAN) to perform backups. In which three situations would you perform a compressed backup? (Choose three.)

A. You are backing up to tape and your tape device performs its own compression.

B. You are making image copies, and you have not enabled tablespace compression.

C. You are using disk-based backups and disk space in your Flash Recovery Area, or other disk- based backup destinations are limited.

D. You are performing your backups to some device over a network where reduced network bandwidth is more important than CPU usage.

E. You are using some archival backup media, such as CD or DVD, where reducing backup sizes saves media costs and archival storage.

Answer: CDE

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Q26. Tape streaming is not happening while performing RMAN tape backup. On investigation, you find that it is not because of the incremental backup or the empty file backup and that RMAN is sending data blocks to the tape drive fast enough.

What could be a solution to make tape streaming happen during the backup?

A. Configure backup optimization

B. Configure the channel to increase MAXOPENFILES

C. Configure the channel to increase the capacity with the RATE parameter 

D. Configure the channel to adjust the tape buffer size with the BLKSIZE option

Answer: C

Q27. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to examine the series of SQL commands.

View the Exhibit exhibit2 to examine the plans available in the SQL plan baseline. The baseline in the first row of the Exhibit is created when OPTIMIZER_MODE was set to FIRST_ROWS.

Which statement is true if the SQL query in exhibit1 is executed again when the value of OPTIMIZER_MODE is set to FIRST_ROWS?

A. The optimizer uses a new plan because none of the plans in the exhibit2 are fixed plans.

B. The optimizer uses the plan in the second row of the exhibit2 because it is an accepted plan.

C. The optimizer uses the plan in the first row of the exhibit2 because it is the latest generated plan.

D. The optimizer uses the plan in the first row of the exhibit2 because OPTIMIZER_MODE was set to FIRST_ROW during its creation.

Answer: B

Q28. You are working on the APPDB database as a DB A. The database has a default Flashback Data Archive DFLA1 created on it. You issued the following command to drop the Flashback Archive FLA1:


What is the effect of this command?

A. The Flashback Archive FLA1 is dropped only if it is empty.

B. The tablespace having Flashback Archive is dropped.

C. The Flashback Archive FLA1 is dropped after moving the existing data in it to the default Flashback Archive.

D. The Flashback Data Archive and historical data are dropped.

Answer: D

Q29. You have lost all your SYSTEM tablespace datafiles (system_01.dbf and system_02.dbf) nd the database has crashed. What would be the appropriate order of operations to correct the situation?

a. Mount the database with the startup mount command.

b. Take the SYSTEM datafile offline with the alter database command.

C. Restore the SYSTEM_01.dbf datafile from backup media with the required archived redo logs.

D. Restore all SYSTEM tablespace ~elated datafiles from backup media.

e. Issue the recover tablespace SYSTEM command.

f. Issue the recover datafile SYSTEM_01.dbf command.

g. Open the database with the alter database open command.

h. Open the database with the alter database open resetlogs command.

A. a, c, f, g

B. b, d, e, h

C. a, b, c, f, g

D. d, a, e, g

E. b, c, f, e, g

Answer: D

Q30. Which are the prerequisites for performing flashback transactions on your database? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Undo retention guarantee for the database must be configured.

B. Supplemental log must be enabled for the primary key.

C. Supplemental log must be enabled.

D. Execute permission on the DBMS_FLASHBACK package must be granted to the user.

Answer: BCD