Exam Code: 1Z0-053 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q301. Which options would you consider while configuring a flash recovery area (fast recovery area in 11g Release 2) for your production database that is running in ARCHIVELOG mode? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Setting the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET to set the mean time to recover

B. Setting the RECOVERY_PARALLELISM parameter to twice the number of CPUs

C. Using the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter to set the location for flash recovery area

D. Using the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST_SIZE parameter to define the disk space limit for the recovery files created in the flash recovery area

Answer: CD

Q302. Which of the following is a benefit of ASM fast disk resync?

A. Failed disks are taken offline immediately but are not dropped.

B. Disk data is never lost.

C. By default, the failed disk is not dropped from the disk group ever, protecting you from loss of that disk.

D. The failed disk is automatically reformatted and then resynchronized to speed up the recovery process.

E. Hot spare disks are automatically configured and added to the disk group.

Answer: A

Q303. Which command creates an image copy?

A. backup as copy

B. backup copy

C. copy as backup

D. copy back

Answer: A


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Q304. Given the script

create script db_backup_datafile_script

{backup datafile and 1, and2 plus archivelog delete input;}

what is the result of running this command?

Run {execute script db_backup_datafile_script using 2;}

A. The script will fail since you instructed RMAN to back up only one datafile rather than two.

B. The script will successfully back up datafile 3 without error.

C. The script will fail since it uses a substitution variable which is not supported.

D. The execute script command will prompt for the value of and2 since it's not included in the command.

E. The script will fail because you cannot use the plus archivelog command when backing up database datafiles.

Answer: D

Q305. To control the execution of a server process when it is receiving bad packets from a potentially malicious client, you set the SEC_PROTOCOL_ERROR_FURTHER_ACTION initialization parameter as follows:


What is the significance of this setting?

A. It terminates the client connection after 10 bad packets and the client cannot reconnect to the same instance.

B. It terminates the client connection after 10 bad packets but the client can still reconnect, and attempt the same operation again.

C. It terminates the client connection 10 seconds after receiving a bad packet and the client cannot reconnect to the same instance.

D. It terminates the client connection after receiving a bad packet and the client can reconnect to the same instance after 10 minutes.

Answer: B

Q306. You need to perform a block media recovery on the tools01.dbf data file in the SALES database by using Recovery Manager (RMAN).

Which two are the prerequisites to perform this operation? (Choose two)

A. You must configure block change tracking file

B. You must have first level 1 backups for RMAN to restore blocks

C. You must ensure that the SALES database is mounted or open

D. You must have full or level 0 backups for RMAN to restore blocks

E. You must take the tools01.dbf data file offline before you start a block media recovery

Answer: CD


Pinpoint 1z0-053 pdf:

Q307. You want to perform the following operations for the DATA ASM disk group:

-Verify the consistency of the disk.

-Cross-check all the file extent maps and allocation tables for consistency.

-Check whether the alias metadata directory and file directory are linked correctly.

-Check that ASM metadata directories do not have unreachable allocated blocks.

Which command accomplishes these tasks?





Answer: A

Q308. You upgraded Oracle Database 10g to Oracle Database 11g. How would this affect the existing users' passwords?

A. All passwords automatically become case-sensitive.

B. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive till they are changed.

C. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive and cannot be changed.

D. All passwords remain non-case-sensitive until their password attribute in the profile is altered.

Answer: B

Q309. In which two aspects does hot patching differ from conventional patching? (Choose two.)

A. It consumes more memory compared with conventional patching.

B. It can be installed and uninstalled via OPatch unlike conventional patching.

C. It takes more time to install or uninstall compared with conventional patching.

D. It does not require down time to apply or remove unlike conventional patching.

E. It is not persistent across instance startup and shutdown unlike conventional patching.

Answer: AD

Q310. Which three statements must be true before transporting a tablespace from a database on one platform to a database on another platform? (Choose three.)

A. Both source and target database must be the same character set

B. Both source and target database must have the same endian format

C. The COMPATIBLE parameter must be the same in the source and target databases.

D. The minimum compatibility level for both the source and target database must be 10.0.0.

E. All read-only and offline data files that belong to the tablespace to be transported must be platform aware.

Answer: ABD