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Q331. When you create a backup control file, where is the resulting file written to?

A. The database user dump destination directory

B. The database diagnostic destination directory

C. To $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms

D. To $ORACLE_HOME/admin

E. To the directory and filename you specify in the command

Answer: E

Q332. In Oracle 11g, by default which one of the following conditions implicitly enables Automatic PGA Memory Management?

A. Setting a nonzero value for SGA_TARGET

B. Configuring Automatic Shared Memory Management

C. Configuring Automatic Memory Management

D. Setting a nonzero value for SGA_MAX_SIZE and PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET

E. None of the above

Answer: B

Q333. You notice that a job in a chain has not completed on a nonconstrained RAC database. Which of these are valid reasons why that might occur?

A. The job priority is 1 and the resource consumer group CPU emphasis allocation is a low percentage.

B. The job affinity is to a service and one node in that service is unavailable.

C. The job affinity is to an instance and that instance is unavailable.

D. There is no service affinity.

E. None of the above.

Answer: C

Q334. Which view provides information on the backup status of the datafiles in the database?






Answer: A

Q335. You plan to execute the following command to perform a Flashback Database operation in your database:


Which two statements are true about this? (Choose two)

A. The database must have multiplexed redo log files

B. The database must be in the MOUNT state to execute the command

C. The database must be in the NOMOUNT state to execute the command

D. The database must be opened in RESTRICTED mode before this operation

E. The database must be opened with the RESETLOGS option after the flashback operation

Answer: BE

Q336. Which two statements regarding a SQL profile are true? (Choose two.)

A. It is built by Automatic Tuning Optimizer.

B. It cannot be stored persistently in the data dictionary.

C. It can be used by the query optimizer automatically.

D. It can be created manually by using the CREATE PROFILE command.

Answer: AC

Q337. In which situations will the ASM metadata backup help you recover the ASM disk in a disk group? (Choose all that apply.)

A. when one or more file directory paths are accidentally deleted from an ASM disk group

B. when one of the disks in a disk group is accidentaly unplugged

C. when the data file on an ASM disk group gets corrupted

D. when one or more disks in an ASM disk group are lost

Answer: AD

Q338. View the Exhibit for the object interdependency diagram.

The PRODUCTS table is used to create the PRODCAT_VW view.

PRODCAT_VW is used in the GET_DATA procedure.

GET_DATA is called in the CHECK_DATA function.

A new column PROD_QTY is added to the PRODUCTS table.

How does this impact the status of the dependent objects?

A. All dependent objects remain valid.

B. Only the procedure and function become invalid and must be recompiled.

C. Only the view becomes invalid and gets automatically revalidated the next time it is used.

D. Only the procedure and function become invalid and get automatically revalidated the next time they are called.

Answer: A

Q339. Which DBMS_SCHEDULER procedures can be used to enable a program? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: AD

Q340. The RECYCLEBIN parameter is set to ON for your database. You drop a table, PRODUCTS, from the SCOTT schema.

Which two statements are true regarding the outcome of this action? (Choose two)

A. All the related indexes and views are automatically dropped

B. The flashback drop feature can recover only the table structure

C. Only the related indexes are dropped whereas views are invalidated

D. The flashback drop feature can recover both the table structure and its data

Answer: CD