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Q291. After you have restored and recovered a database to a new host by using a previously performed Recovery Manager (RMAN) backup, which is the best option you would consider for the new database?

A. Opening the database in RESTRICTED mode

B. Opening the database with the RESETLOGS option

C. Setting a new DBID for the newly restored database

D. Restoring the server parameter file (SPFILE) to the new host

Answer: B

Q292. Globalization support is implemented through the text- and character-processing functions provided by which Oracle feature?





E. Linguistic sorts

Answer: B

Q293. Your database has experienced a loss of datafile users_01.dbf, which is associated with a ablespace called USERS. The database is still running. Which answer properly describes the rder of the steps that you would use to recover from this error?

a. Shut down the database.

b. Take the users_01.dbf datafile offline with the alter database command.

c. Restore the users_01.dbf datafile from backup media with the required archived redo logs.

d. Restore all users tablespace-related datafiles from backup media.

e. Issue the recover tablespace users command.

f. Issue the recover datafile users_01.dbf command.

g. Start up the database.

h. Bring the users_01.dbf datafile online with the alter database command.

A. a, c, f, g

B. b, c, f, h

C. a, b, c, f, g

D. a, b, c, f, g, h

E. b, c, f, e, g

Answer: B

Q294. View the Exhibit for some of the parameter settings.

You start a session and issue the following command:

SQL>CREATE INDEX emp_ename ON emp(ename)


What is the outcome of the above command?

A. The index is not used by the optimizer but is maintained during DML operations.

B. The index is not used by the optimizer and is not maintained during DML operations.

C. The index is used by the optimizer only if a hint is specified in the query statement and is maintained during DML operations.

D. The index is used by the optimizer only if a hint is specified in the query statement but is not maintained during DML operations.

Answer: A

Q295. Which two client requests are captured during database replay Capture? (Choose two)

A. Flashback queries

B. Shared server requests

C. Login and logoff activities of sessions

D. Direct path load of data from external files by using utilities such as SQL *loader

E. Data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) operations

Answer: CE

Q296. Immediately after adding a new disk to or removing an existing disk from an ASM instance, you find that the performance of the database goes down initially until the time the addition or removal process is completed, and then gradually becomes normal.

Which two activities would you perform to maintain a consistent performance of the database while adding or removing disks? (Choose two.)

A. Define the POWER option while adding or removing the disks.

B. Increase the number of ARB processes by setting up a higher value for ASM_POWER_LIMIT.

C. Increase the number of DBWR processes by setting up a higher value for DB_WRITER_PROCESSES.

D. Increase the number of slave database writer processes by setting up a higher value for DBWR_IO_SLAVES.

Answer: AB

Q297. Which command will restore all datafiles to the date 9/30/2008 at 18:00 hours?

A. restore datafiles until time '09/28/2008:21:03:11'

B. restore database files until time '09/28/2008:18:00:00'

C. restore database until time '09/28/2008:18:00:00'

D. recover database until time '09/28/2008:18:00:00'

E. recover database until timestamp '09/28/2008:18:00:00'

Answer: C

Q298. Which of the following does the recover command not do?

A. Restore archived redo logs.

B. Apply archived redo logs.

C. Restore incremental backups.

D. Apply incremental backups.

E. Restore datafile images.

Answer: A

Q299. The database is running in the ARCHIVELOG mode. It has three redo log groups with one member each. One of the redo log groups has become corrupted. You have issued the following command during the recovery of a damaged redo log file:


Which action should you perform immediately after using this command?

A. You should perform a log switch

B. You should make a backup of the database

C. You should switch the database to the NONARCHIVELOG mode

D. You should shut down the database instance and perform a complete database recovery

Answer: B

Q300. Which is not a valid locale definition file type?

A. Language

B. Linguistic sort

C. Calendar

D. Territory

E. Character set

Answer: C