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Q301. How long will this backup be allowed to run?

Backup as compressed backupset duration 2:00 minimize load database ;

A. 2 minutes

B. 2 hours

C. 2 days

D. The command will generate an error.

E. This backup is not constrained by any time limitation.

Answer: B

Q302. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database. You want to take a backup on tape drives of the USERS tablespace that has a single data file of 900 MB. You have tape drives of 300 MB each. To accomplish the backup, you issued the following RMAN command:




What configuration should be effected to accomplish faster and optimized backups by using the above command?

A. The SBT channel must be configured, with the default parallelism setting for the SBT device set to 1.

B. The COMPATIBLE initialization parameter for the database instance must be set to at least 10.0.

C. The SBT channel must be configured, with the parallelism setting for the SBT device set to 3.

D. The SBT channel must be configured, with the MAXPIECESIZE set to 300 MB.

Answer: D

Q303. What does it mean if a backup is expired?

A. The backup set has exceeded the retention criteria set in RMAN and is eligible for removal.

B. The backup set has one or more invalid blocks in it and is not usable for recovery.

C. The backup set contains one or more tablespaces no longer in the database.

D. The backup set contains one or more missing backup set pieces.

E. The backup set is from a previous version of RMAN and was not upgraded.

Answer: D

Q304. You have not configured Oracle Managed Files (OMF) in your database. You do not want to scan the entire datafile every time an incremental backup is performed. You decide to enable the block change tracking feature. Which statement should you use to enable the block change tracking feature?





Answer: C

Q305. When you're performing active database duplication, a backup of what kind is required?

A. A current RMAN backup-set backup is required.

B. No backup is required.

C. An RMAN image backup is required.

D. A manual backup is required.

E. A "duplicate" preparatory backup is required.

Answer: B

Q306. You installed Oracle Database 11g and are performing a manual upgrade of the Oracle9i database. As a part of the upgrade process, you execute the following script:


Which statement about the execution of this script is true?

A. It must be executed from the Oracle Database 11g environment.

B. It must be executed only after the SYSAUX tablespace has been created.

C. It must be executed from the environment of the database that is being upgraded.

D. It must be executed only after AUTOEXTEND is set to ON for all existing tablespaces.

E. It must be executed from both the Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Database 9i environments.

Answer: C

Q307. Which statements are true regarding table compression? (Choose all that apply.)

A. It saves disk space and reduces memory usage.

B. It saves disk space but has no effect on memory usage.

C. It incurs extra CPU overhead during DML as well as direct loading operations.

D. It incurs extra CPU overhead during DML but not direct loading operations.

E. It requires uncompress operation during I/O.

Answer: AC

Q308. In Recovery Manager (RMAN), you are taking image copies of the data files of your production database and rolling them forward at regular intervals. You attempt to restart your database. After a regular maintenance task, you realize that one of the data files that belongs to the USERS tablespace is damaged and you need to recover the data file by using the image copy. Because a media failure caused the data file to be damaged, you want to place the data file in a different location while resto ing the file.

Which option must you consider for this task?

A. using only the RMAN SWITCH command to set the new location for the data file

B. placing the database in the MOUNT state for the restore and recovery operations.

C. using an RMAN RUN block with the SET NEWNAME and then the SWITCH command.

D. configuring two channels: one for the restore operation and the other for the recovery operation

Answer: C

Q309. While tuning a SQL statement, the SQL Tuning Advisor finds an existing SQL profile for the statement that has stale statistics available. What would the optimizer do in this situation?

A. It updates the existing SQL profiles with current statistics.

B. It makes the statistics information available to GATHER_STATS_JOB.

C. It initiates the statistics collection process by running GATHER_STATS_JOB.

D. It logs a warning message in the alert log so that the DBA can perform statistics collection manually.

Answer: B

Q310. Which is the correct command to back up the database, back up the archived redo logs, and then remove the backed-up archived redo logs?

A. backup database

B. backup database and archivelogs

C. backup database plus archivelogs

D. backup database plus archivelog delete input

E. backup database and archivelog delete input

Answer: D