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Q131. You want to create the Recovery Manager (RMAN) Virtual Private Catalog (VPC) to maintain a separation of responsibilities along with a consolidation of RMAN repository. Which condition must be met before you create the VPC?

A. A base catalog exists

B. The recovery catalog is empty

C. The base recovery catalog must be dropped

D. A target database is registered in the recovery catalog

Answer: A

Q132. Which three are the valid statements in relation to SQL plan baselines? (Choose three.)

A. The plans can be manually loaded to the SQL plan baseline.

B. The plans in the SQL plan baseline are verified and accepted plans.

C. The plans generated for every SQL statement are stored in the SQL plan baseline by default.

D. The plan baselines are stored temporarily in the memory as long as the database instance is running.

E. For the SQL plan baselines to be accessible to the optimizer, the SYSAUX tablespace must be online.

Answer: ABE

Q133. Which of the following is not a valid calendaring syntax element?






Answer: C

Q134. When performing a full database disaster recovery with RMAN, in what order would you execute these steps?

a. Restore the control file from autobackups.

b. Run the RMAN restore and recover command.

c. Restore the database spfile from autobackups.

d. Make the RMAN backup set pieces available.

e. Open the database with the alter database open resetlogs command.

f. Open the database with the alter database open command.

A. a, b, c, d, e, f

B. c, d, a, b, f

C. d, c, a, b, f

D. d, b, d, c, e

E. d, c, a, b, e

Answer: E

Q135. Which of the following statements are true regarding the Recycle Bin? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The Recycle Bin is a physical storage area for dropped objects.

B. The Recycle Bin is a logical container for dropped objects.

C. The Recycle Bin stores the results of a Flashback Drop operation.

D. The objects in the Recycle Bin are stored in the tablespace in which they were created.

Answer: BD

Q136. Examine the following RMAN command:



Which prerequisite must be met before accomplishing the backup?

A. Provide a password for the encryption

B. Set up an Oracle wallet for the encryption

C. No setup is required as it is a default encryption method

D. Both Oracle wallet and password must be set up for the encryption

Answer: B

Q137. Your database is up and running and one of your three control files is accidentally erased. You start RMAN and run the following command:


Which of the following statements is true? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The command restores only the missing control file.

B. The command restores all the control files.

C. The command fails because the database is running.

D. This is the correct way to address this problem.

E. This is not the correct way to address this problem.

Answer: CE

Q138. You issue the following RMAN command to set a retention policy on a database:


What will be the outcome of issuing this command?

A. After two days, a backup will be marked obsolete

B. After two days, a backup will be deleted from the media

C. If the RMAN repository has records of two or more recent backups of a file, then older backups will be deleted from the media.

D. If the RMAN repository has records of two or more recent backups of a file, then older backups will be marked obsolete.

Answer: D

Q139. To clean up old records that are in a Flashback Data Archive and are past the retention period, what must the DBA do?

A. TRUNCATE the archive table.

B. DROP the Flashback Data Archive.

C. Nothing; expired rows are automatically removed.

D. Nothing; expired rows are moved to an archive table.

E. Delete entries from the archive where the metadata date retained is greater than the retention period.

Answer: C

Q140. Flashback Database relies on which technologies to recover to a point in time? 

A. Flashback Data Archive

B. Flashback logs in the flash recovery area

C. FlashbUndo tablespace

D. RMAN command line

E. None of the above

Answer: B