Exam Code: 1Z0-053 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q251. What command would you use to ensure that backup records in the control file are pointing to actual physical files on the backup media?

A. crosscheck

B. list backup

C. confirm

D. resync

E. backup validate

Answer: A

Q252. Your database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode, and the database is open. You execute an RMAN backup and specify the KEEP clause.

Which components are backed up when this option is specified?

A. only the control file, the current SPFILE, and data files

B. only the current SPFILE and data files if autobackup is disabled

C. only the data files and the archived redo logs

D. the control file, current SPFILE file, data files, and archived redo logs

Answer: D

Q253. The database is currently open and the temp03.dbf tempfile belonging to the default temporary tablespace TEMP has been corrupted. What steps should you take to recover from this tempfile loss in an efficient manner?

A. Allow the database to continue running, drop the TEMP tablespace, and then re-create it with new tempfiles

B. Shut down the database, restore and recover the tempfile from backup, and then open the database with RESETLOGS

C. Allow the database to continue running, take the TEMP tablespace offline, drop the missing tempfile, and then create a new tempfile

D. Allow the database to continue running, add a new tempfile to TEMP tablespace with a new name, and drop the tempfile that has been corrupted.

Answer: D


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Q254. Which three functions are performed by the SQL Tuning Advisor? (Choose three.)

A. Building the SQL profile

B. Recommending optimization of materialized views

C. Checking query objects for missing and stale statistics

D. Recommending bitmap, function-based, and B-tree indexes

E. Recommending restructuring SQL queries that are using bad plans

Answer: ACE

Q255. View the Exhibit to examine the replay settings for replay parameters.

What is the implication for setting the values for replay parameters? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The COMMIT order in the captured workload is preserved during replay.

B. The value 100 in the THINK_TIME_SCALE parameter attempts to make the replay client shorten the think time between calls.

C. The value 100 in the CONNECT_TIME_SCALE parameter attempts to connect all sessions as captured.

D. The value 100 in the THINK_TIME_SCALE parameter attempts to match the captured user think time while replaying.

E. The value 100 in the CONNECT_TIME_SCALE parameter attempts to connect all sessions immediately as soon as the replay begins.

Answer: ACD

Q256. What are three benefits of using ASM? (Choose three.)

A. Ease of disk administration and maintenance

B. Load balancing across physical disks

C. Software RAID-1 data redundancy with double or triple mirrors

D. Automatic recovery of failed disks

Answer: ABC


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Q257. You have discovered that one of three control files has been lost. What steps would you follow to recover that control file?

a. Shut down the database.

b. Restore a control-file copy from backup media.

c. Use the create control file command to create a new control file.

d. Copy the backup control file into place.

e. Create a new copy of the control file from one of the surviving control files.

f. Recover the database using the recover database using backup controlfile command.

g. Start up the database.

A. a, b, f, g

B. c, f, g

C. a, d, f, g

D. a, f, g

E. a, e, g

Answer: E

Q258. Observe the structure of the table employees:

The table contains 8475 records.

One of the employees wants to know the names of all employees of the company. For this, he fires the following query:


Since the operation performed on executing the query cannot fit into memory, it requires disk space to complete the operation. Which of the following types of segments will Oracle allocate to complete the operation and to provide the required result?

A. Rollback segment

B. Temporary segment

C. Data segment

D. Index segment

Answer: B

Q259. You want to make sure that your database backup does not exceed 10 hours in length. What command would you issue that would meet this condition?

A. backup database plus archivelog;

B. backup database plus archivlog until time '10:00'

C. backup database plus archivelog timeout '10:00'

D. backup database plus archivelog duration 10:00;

E. backup database plus archivelog timeout 10:00;

Answer: D

Q260. Which of the following advisors within the Oracle advisory framework will analyze a single SQL statement and make recommendations for performance improvement?

A. SQL Repair Advisor

B. SQL Optimizer

C. SQL Access Advisor

D. SQL Tuning Advisor

Answer: D