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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q461. You have lost all your database control files. To recover them, you are going to use the results of the alter database backup controlfile to trace command. Your datafiles and your online redo logs are all intact. Which of the following is true regarding your recovery?

A. You will need to open the database with the resetlogs command.

B. All you need to do is execute the trace file from SQL*Plus and it will perform the recovery for you.

C. You will use the resetlogs version of the create controlfile command.

D. You will use the noresetlogs version of the create controlfile command.

E. You will use the trace file to create a backup control file, and then you will recover the database with the recover database using backup controlfile command

Answer: D

Q462. Examine the following RMAN script:

RMAN> run {

debug on;

allocate channel c1 type disk;

backup datafile 5;


Which statement describes the purpose of the script?

A. The data file is checked for physical corruption and backed up if found clean.

B. The backup of data file 5 is performed and the interactive messages during the backup are suppressed.

C. The existing backup for the data file is checked and the backup is performed if there are changes in the data file after the last backup.

D. The backup of data file 5 is performed and all SQL statements that are executed during RMAN compilation and their results are displayed

Answer: D

Q463. While deploying a new application module, the software vendor ships the application software along with appropriate SQL plan baselines for the new SQLs being introduced. Which two statements describe the consequences? (Choose two.)

A. The plan baselines can be evolved over time to produce better performance.

B. The newly generated plans are directly placed into the SQL plan baseline without being verified.

C. The new SQL statements initially run with the plans that are known to produce good performance under standard test configuration.

D. The optimizer does not generate new plans for the SQL statements for which the SQL plan baseline has been imported.

Answer: AC

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Q464. Which is the correct command to back up the database, back up the archived redo logs, and then remove the backed-up archived redo logs?

A. backup database

B. backup database and archivelogs

C. backup database plus archivelogs

D. backup database plus archivelog delete input

E. backup database and archivelog delete input

Answer: D

Q465. You are working on a 24X7 database. You want to design a backup strategy for your database that uses user managed backups. You want to be able to perform all backups while the database remains online.

Which statement about performing user-managed backups in a 24x7 environment is true?

A. You must have change tracking enabled in your database

B. Your database must be running in NOARCHIVELOG mode

C. To back up a tablespace, it must be in backup mode

D. To back up a tablespace, it must first be taken offline

Answer: C

Q466. Exhibit:

View the Exhibit and examine the output.

You executed the following command to enable Flashback Data Archive on the EXCHANGE_RATE table: ALTER TABLE exchange_rate FLASHBACK ARCHIVE; What is the outcome of this command?

A. The Flashback Archive is created on the same tablespace where the tables are stored.

B. The Flashback Archive is created on the SYSAUX tablespace.

C. The command generates an error because no Flashback Archive name is specified and there is no default Flashback Archive.

D. The table uses the default Flashback Archive.

Answer: C

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Q467. On Friday at 11:30 am you decided to flash back the database because of a user error that occurred at 8:30 am. Which option must you use to check whether a flashback operation can recover the database to the specified time?

A. Check the alert log file




E. Check the value assigned for the UNDO_RETENTION parameter

Answer: B

Q468. What information does the report schema command not provide? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Size of the datafiles

B. Size of the tempfiles

C. Date of last backup for datafiles and tempfiles

D. Filenames for each datafile

E. Checkpoint SCN associated with the last RMAN backup

Answer: CE

Q469. Which NLS parameter can be used to change the default Oracle sort method from binary to linguistic for the SQL SELECT statement?




D. None of the above

Answer: D

Q470. What does the DB_FLASHBACK_RETENTION_TARGET parameter configure?

A. An upper limit on how far you can flash back the database, depending on the information in the redo logs

B. An upper limit on how far you can flash back the database, depending on the information in the undo tablespace

C. The amount of time for which the flashback data is to be kept in the flash recovery area, provided that there is enough space

D. The amount of time for which the flashback data is guaranteed to be kept in the undo tablespace, provided that there is enough space

Answer: C