Exam Code: 1Z0-053 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration II
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q411. View the Exhibit and examine the output of the query in different times when the following command runs in an RMAN sessions: RMAN> BACKUP DATABASE FILESPERSET 2;

The database has seven data files. Why is the %_COMPLETE refreshed to 13.59 in the third output after reaching 88.77?


A. Because the progress is reported for each data file

B. Because the progress is reported for each backup set

C. Because other RMAN sessions have issued the same BACKUP command

D. Because new data files have been added to the database while the RMAN backup is in progress

Answer: B

Q412. When you're performing a tablespace point-in-time recovery, which tablespaces will always be restored to the auxiliary instance? (Choose all that apply.)

A. The SYSTEM tablespace.

B. The UNDO tablespace.

C. All tablespaces with tables.

D. All tablespaces with indexes.

E. No tablespaces are automatically restored.

Answer: AB

Q413. A database is running in ARCHIVELOG mode and regular backups are performed. A user receives the following error message:

Which is the recommended sequence of operations you need to perform for the query successfully?

A. Drop the affected tablespace, re-create the tablespace, restore the datafiles, and the tablespace.

B. Take the affected datafile offline (if not already offline), restore the damaged image of the datafile, and then bring it online.

C. Restart the database in MOUNT mode, restore the damaged datafile, recover the datafile and then open the database with resetlogs.

D. Put the database in RESTRICTED mode, restore all the datafiles in the affected datafile and recover the tablespace, and then put the database in normal operational mode.

Answer: C


Improve 1z0-053 exam questions:

Q414. Which of the following files cannot be backed up by RMAN? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Database datafiles

B. Control files

C. Online redo logs

D. Database pfiles

E. Archived redo logs

Answer: CD

Q415. View the Exhibit to observe the error.

You receive this error regularly and have to shut down the database instance to overcome the error. What can the solution be to reduce the chance of this error in future, when implemented?

A. setting the PRE_PAGE_SGA parameter to TRUE

B. locking the SGA in memory

C. increasing the value of SGA_MAX_SIZE

D. automatic memory management

Answer: D

Q416. Consider the following command:

Backup database plus archivelog delete input;

How many backup sets would be created by this command if the following were true:

Control-file a NN uto backups were enabled.

NN The size of backup sets was not restricted.

NN One channel was allocated.

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: D


Validated exam 1z0-053:

Q417. Which of the following Oracle features is enabled by setting a nonzero value for the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter?

A. Automatic PGA Memory Management

B. Automatic SGA Memory Management

C. Automatic Shared Memory Management

D. Automatic Memory Management

E. Manual SGA Memory Management

F. None of the above

Answer: D

Q418. View the Exhibit to examine the error obtained during the I/O calibration process.

There are no data files on raw devices. What is the reason for this error? 

A. The DISK_ASYNCH_IO parameter is set to TRUE.

B. The FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS parameter is set to NONE.

C. Another session runs the I/O calibration process concurrently.

D. The pending area has not been created before running the I/O calibration process.

Answer: B

Q419. You want to take a complete database backup using RMAN. The backup should consist only the used blocks from your database.

Which two statements are true about this backup operation? (Choose two.)

A. Backup compression should be enabled

B. Parallelism for the channel should be set to 2

C. All the files must be backed up as backup sets

D. The backup may be stored either on disk or on media with media manager

Answer: CD

Q420. Another DBA issues a shutdown abort command on a database on which you were running an online backup. What will happen when you try to restart the database?

A. Oracle will automatically take the datafile out of hot backup mode, generate a warning message, and then open the database.

B. Oracle will automatically take the datafile out of hot backup mode and then open the database.

C. Oracle will generate an error when trying to open the database, indicating that a datafile is in hot backup mode. You will need to correct this error before you can open the database.

D. The database will open with the file in hot backup mode. You can restart the backup at any time.

E. The datafile in hot backup mode will be corrupted and you will have to recover it.

Answer: C