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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q311. Which statements about the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter are true? (Choose all that apply.)

A. MEMORY_TARGET can be increased up to the value of MEMORY_MAX_TARGET, if MEMORY_MAX_TARGET is set to a value greater than zero

B. MEMORY_MAX_TARGET defaults to a value of zero if MEMORY_TARGET is not set

C. MEMORY_TARGET represents the total amount of memory that can be allocated to SGA and PGA memory structures.

D. MEMORY_TARGET is static and cannot be modified without shutting down the instance

Answer: ABC

Q312. The BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter is set to FALSE for the database instance. Which statement is true while performing a tape backup in an RMAN session?

A. The tape I/O performed is asynchronous

B. The tape buffer is allocated from the System Global Area (SGA)

C. The tape buffer is allocated from the Program Global Area (PGA)

D. Oracle I/O uses an interrupt mechanism to determine when each I/O completes

Answer: C

Q313. As the DBA, you run the following query on your ASM instance. What is the implication of the results of the query? (Choose two.)

SQL> select group_number, name, state from v$ASM_DISKGROUP;


------------ ------------------------------ -----------




A. The DGROUP1 disk group was unmounted by another DBA.

B. A datafile has been lost, causing the ASM disk group DGROUP1 to go into the DISMOUNTED state

C. One of the redundant disks (DGROUP1) has been lost in a disk group.

D. This query has no meaning in an ASM instance.

E. A disk associated with a disk group was discovered after the ASM instance initially opened.

Answer: AE

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Q314. What privileges must be granted to allow an account to create the recovery catalog? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: AC

Q315. Your database initialization parameter file has the following entry:


Which statement is true regarding this setting?

A. It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail for any user.

B. It is enforced only if the password profile is enabled for the user.

C. It locks the user account after the specified number of attempts.

D. It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail only for users who have the SYSDBA privilege.

Answer: A

Q316. Which of the following are not disabled by default?

A. Jobs

B. Chains

C. Windows

D. Window groups

E. Schedule

Answer: E

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Q317. Which two statements are true regarding the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR) in Oracle Database 11g? (Choose two.)

A. A single ADR can support multiple ADR homes for different database instances.

B. The alert files are stored in XML file format in the TRACE directory of each ADR home.

C. If the environmental variable ORACLE_BASE is set, then DIAGNOSTIC_DEST is set to $ORACLE_BASE.

D. The BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST initialization parameter overrides the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST initialization parameter for the location of the alert log file.

Answer: AC

Q318. Examine the following ALTER command:


What is the purpose of the command?

A. It cancels all pending disk drops within the disk group.

B. It restores disks that are being dropped as the result of a DROP DISKGROUP operation

C. It mounts disks in the disk group for which the drop-disk operation has already been co pleted

D. It restores all the dropped disks in the disk group for which the drop-disk operation has already been completed

E. It adds previously dropped disks back into the disk group

Answer: A

Q319. You have configured flash recovery area in your database and you set the following Initialization parameters for your database instance:




LOG_ARCH1VK_DEST_4 = ' LOCATION=/disk4/arch'


While the database instance is functional, you realized that the destination set by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_I parameter Is not available for the archived redo log file to be created in. All redo log groups have been used. What happens in an event of log switch?

A. The online redo log file Is not allowed to be overwritten.

B. The archived redo log files are written to the flash recovery area until the MANDATORY destination is made available.

C. The database instance will crash because the archived redo log file cannot be created in a destination set as MANDATORY.

D. The destination set by the LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_1 parameter is ignored and the archived redo log files are created in the next two available locations to guarantee archive log success.

Answer: D

Q320. You have lost datafile 4 from your database. Which is typically the fastest way to restore your database?

A. Restore and recover the datafile.

B. Restore and recover the tablespace.

C. Restore and recover the database.

D. Restore and recover the control file.

E. Restore and recover the parameter file.

Answer: A