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2021 May 1Z0-053 Study Guide Questions:

Q421. You have the following requirements in relation to the detection of block corruption for your database instance:

1. Check for logical self-consistency of data blocks when modified in memory.

2. Checksums are calculated before and after the block change.

3. Checks are performed for the lost writes to the physical standby database.

Which method would help you perform the above checks automatically?

A. Set the DB_SECUREFILE parameter to PERMITTED.

B. Set the DB_ULTRA_SAFE parameter to DATA_ONLY.

C. Set the DB_LOCK_CHECKSUM parameter to TYPICAL.

D. Set the DB_LOST_WRITE_PROTECT parameter to TYPICAL.

Answer: B

Q422. View the Exhibit and examine the steps that you executed to create a database resource plan. Subsequently, you execute the following procedure which results in an error:

SQL> EXECUTE dbms_resources_manager.validate_pending_area ( );

What could be the reason?


A. The pending area is automatically submitted after the plan creation

B. The procedure must be executed before creating the resources plan directive

C. The SYS_GROUP resource consumer group is not included in the resource plan directive

D. The OTHER_GROUPS resources consumer group is not included in the resource plan directive

Answer: D

Q423. Which of the following tasks is not performed by the job coordinator?

A. Update job log when a job completes

B. Spawn and remove job slaves

C. Write/read job info to/from memory cache

D. Query job table

E. Pass job information to job slaves

Answer: A

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Q424. What does the minimize load database parameter mean when backing up a database?

A. RMAN will attempt to make the backup run as fast as possible without any IO limitations.

B. RMAN will automatically restrict the number of channels in use to one.

C. RMAN will spread the backup IO over the total duration stated in the backup command.

D. RMAN will skip any datafile that currently is involved in an IO operation. RMAN will retry backing up the datafile later and an error will be raised at the end of the backup if the datafile cannot be backed up.

E. Datafiles will be backed up; those having the lowest current number of IO operations will be backed up first.

Answer: C

Q425. Which is the correct way to connect to both the target database and the recovery catalog from the RMAN command line? Assume that the target database is called ORCL and that the recovery catalog database is called RCAT. Also assume that the recovery-catalog owner is called RCAT_OWN. Assume the environment is configured for the ORCL database. (Choose all that apply.)

A. rman target=/ catalog=/@rcat

B. rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own

C. rman target=/ catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT

D. rman target=sys/robert@orcl catalog=rcat_own/rcat_own@RCAT

E. You cannot connect to the target database and the recovery catalog at the same time.

Answer: CD

Q426. To set the history retention period for either window logging or job logging individually, which parameters of the SET_SCHEDULER_ATTRIBUTE procedure need to be used? (Choose all that apply.)






Answer: AD

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Q427. What RMAN command is used to execute a tablespace point-in-time recovery?

A. recover

B. duplicate

C. restore

D. copy

E. None of the above

Answer: A

Q428. You are tuning RMAN to optimize performance. You want tape I/O to be asynchronous when you perform tape backups. Which action should you take?

A. Set the BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter to FALSE.

B. Set the BACKUP_TAPE_IO_SLAVES parameter to TRUE.

C. Use compression when performing tape backups.

D. Configure multiple SBT channels.

Answer: B

Q429. What command would you issue to enable automated backups of control files?

A. alter database controlfile autobackup on

B. alter system controlfile autobackup on

C. configure controlfile autobackup on

D. enable controlfile autobackup

Answer: C

Q430. You executed the following commands in a database session:

What could have caused the recycle bin to clean up?

A. There is demand for space from the new table

B. The undo tablespace does not have sufficient free space

C. The new table name is the same as the table name in the recycle bin

D. The temporary tablespace that is assigned to you does not have sufficient free space

Answer: A