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2021 Apr 1Z0-055 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. Which two statements regarding the Flashback Table feature are correct? (Choose two.) 

A. Flashback Table can be performed on system tables. 

B. Flashback Table operation does not shrink the segments. 

C. Flashback Table uses log mining to extract SQL_REDO and SQL_UNDO statements. 

D. Flashback Table operation acquires exclusive data manipulation language (DML) locks. 

Answer: B,D 

Q72. Examine the following command: 

ALTER DISKGROUP data MOUNT FORCE; In which scenario can you use the above command to mount the disk group? 

A. when ASM disk goes offline 

B. when one or more ASM files are dropped 

C. when some disks in a disk group are offline 

D. when some disks in a failure group for a disk group are rebalancing 

Answer: C 

Q73. You performed the RMAN database backup with the KEEP option. Which two statements are true regarding this backup? (Choose two.) 

A. The KEEP option overrides the configured retention policy. 

B. The KEEP option is an attribute of an individual backup piece. 

C. The backup contains only data files and archived redo log files. 

D. The backup contains data files, the server parameter file, and the control file even if the control file autobackup is disabled. 

Answer: A,D 

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Up to date 1Z0-055 test questions:

Q74. The Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) analysis runs every 60 minutes on your database. Your database is facing a series of interrelated problems over a period of two hours. You need to ensure that the ADDM analysis is run over a time span of two hours in future. What would you do? 

A. Create two custom ADDM tasks. 

B. Modify the AWR snapshot time interval to two hours. 

C. Create a new scheduler window for a time period of two hours. 

D. Modify the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshot retention period to two hours. 

Answer: B 

Q75. Examine the following PL/SQL block: 


SET LONG 10000 

DECLARE report clob; 





Which statement describes the effect of the execution of the above PL/SQL block? 

A. The plan baselines are verified with the SQL profiles. 

B. All fixed plan baselines are converted into nonfixed plan baselines. 

C. All the nonaccepted SQL profiles are accepted into the plan baseline. 

D. The nonaccepted plans in the SQL Management Base are verified with the existing plan baselines. 

Answer: D 

Q76. Identify the activities performed as part of the Automatic SQL Tuning process in the maintenance window? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. generating the SQL profile 

B. testing and accepting the SQL profile 

C. generating a list of candidate SQLs for tuning 

D. adding tuned SQL plans into the SQL plan baseline 

E. tuning each SQL statement in the order of importance 

F. generating baselines that include candidate SQL statement for tuning 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

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Q77. What is the advantage of setting the ASM-preferred mirror read for the Stretch cluster configuration? 

A. It improves resync operations. 

B. This feature enables much faster file opens. 

C. It improves performance as fewer extent pointers are needed in the shared pool. 

D. It improves performance by reading from a copy of an extent closest to the node. 

Answer: D 

Q78. You are managing an Oracle 11g database with ASM storage, for which the COMPATIBLE initialization parameter is set to 11.1.0. In the ASM instance, the COMPATIBLE.RDBMS attribute for the disk group is set to 10.2 and the COMPATIBLE.ASM attribute is set to 11.1. Which two statements are true in this scenario for the features enabled for ASM? (Choose two.) 

A. The ASM-preferred mirror read feature is enabled. 

B. The ASM supports variable sizes for extents of 1, 8, and 64 allocation units. 

C. The ASM disk is dropped immediately from a disk group when it becomes unavailable. 

D. The RDBMS always reads the primary copy of a mirrored extent of the ASM disk group. Answer: A,B 

Q79. Which of the following information will be gathered by the SQL Test Case Builder for the problems pertaining to SQL-related problems? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. ADR diagnostic files 

B. all the optimizer statistics 

C. initialization parameter settings 

D. PL/SQL functions, procedures, and packages 

E. the table and index definitions and actual data 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q80. You need to configure fine-grained access control to external network resources from within your database. You create an access control list (ACL) using the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package. 

Which statement is true regarding the ACL created? 

A. It is a list of remote database links stored in the XML file that are available to the users of the database. 

B. It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the XML file according to which a group of users can connect to one or more hosts. 

C. It is a list of users and network privileges stored in the data dictionary according to which a group of users can connect to one or more hosts. 

D. It is the list of the host names or the IP addresses stored in the data dictionary that can connect to your database through PL/SQL network utility packages such as UTL_TCP. 

Answer: B