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Q51. You plan to set up the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) baseline metric thresholds for a moving window baseline. Which action would you take before performing this task? 

A. Compute the baseline statistics. 

B. Take an immediate AWR snapshot. 

C. Decrease the window size for the baseline. 

D. Decrease the expiration time for the baseline. 


Q52. Which statement is true regarding virtual private catalogs? 

A. The virtual private catalog owner cannot create and modify the stored scripts. 

B. A virtual private catalog owner can create a local stored script, and have read/write access to a global stored script. 

C. The set of views and synonyms that make up the virtual private catalog is stored in the schema of the RMAN recovery catalog owner. 

D. To perform most of the RMAN operations, the virtual catalog owner must have the SYSDBA or SYSOPER privilege on the target database. 


Q53. Examine the following command: 

ALTER DISKGROUP data MOUNT FORCE; In which scenario can you use the above command to mount the disk group? 

A. when ASM disk goes offline 

B. when one or more ASM files are dropped 

C. when some disks in a disk group are offline 

D. when some disks in a failure group for a disk group are rebalancing 


Q54. Evaluate the following code: 

SQL>VARIABLE task_name VARCHAR2(255); 

SQL>VARIABLE sql_stmt VARCHAR2(4000); 


:sql_stmt := 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM customers 

WHERE cust_state_province =''CA'''

 :task_name := 'MY_QUICKTUNE_TASK'


:task_name, :sql_stmt);


What is the outcome of this block of code? 

A. It creates a task and workload, and executes the task. 

B. It creates a task and workload but does not execute the task. 

C. It produces an error because a template has not been created. 

D. It produces an error because the SQL Tuning Set has not been created. 


Q55. View the Exhibit exhibit1 to observe the maintenance window property. 

View the Exhibit exhibit2 to examine the output of the query. 

Which two statements describe the conclusions? (Choose two.) 

A. The window duration should be increased. 

B. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be increased. 

C. RESOURCE_PERCENTAGE should be decreased. 

D. The repeat time for the window should be decreased. 

Answer: A,B 

Q56. Which two prerequisites are needed for performing workload capture and replay? (Choose two.) 

A. setting up the directory to capture the workload 

B. running the database in shared server mode 

C. Close all sessions performing queries using database links. 

D. The database on which the workload is replayed has to be a restore of the original database to a specific SCN. 

Answer: A,D 

Q57. View the Exhibit to examine the error obtained during the I/O calibration process. 

There are no data files on raw devices. What is the reason for this error? 

A. The DISK_ASYNCH_IO parameter is set to TRUE. 

B. The FILESYSTEMIO_OPTIONS parameter is set to NONE. 

C. Another session runs the I/O calibration process concurrently. 

D. The pending area has not been created before running the I/O calibration process. 


Q58. USER_DATA is a nonencrypted tablespace that contains a set of tables with data. You want to convert all existing data in the USER_DATA tablespace and the new data into the encrypted format. Which methods would you use to achieve this? (Choose all that apply.) 

A. Use Data Pump to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace. 

B. Use ALTER TABLE..MOVE to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace. 

C. Use CREATE TABLE AS SELECT to transfer the existing data to a new encrypted tablespace. 

D. Enable row movement for each table to be encrypted and then use ALTER TABLESPACE to encrypt the tablespace. 

E. Encrypt the USER_DATA tablespace using the ALTER TABLESPACE statement so that all the data in the tablespace is automatically encrypted. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q59. Which two initialization parameters would you set to enable Automatic Shared Memory Management? (Choose two.) 

A. set SHARED_POOL_SIZE to zero 


C. set SGA_TARGET to a non-zero value 

D. set DB_CACHE_SIZE to a non-zero value 


Answer: C,E 

Q60. You performed an incomplete recovery and opened the database with the RESETLOGS option. The LOG_ARCHIVE_FORMAT parameter is set to 'ora_%t_%s_%r.log'. Which statement regarding the archived redo log files, created in an earlier incarnation of the database, is true? 

A. The archived redo log files will be overwritten. 

B. The archived redo log files are deleted automatically. 

C. The archived redo log files should be moved to some other location. 

D. The archived redo log files are still maintained because the file names are unique.