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Q31. You issued the following command to mount the DATA disk group in restricted mode: 


What is the implication of this command? 

A. A disk in a disk group can be taken offline. 

B. A new disk cannot be added to a disk group. 

C. The client RDBMS instance can access the file as a read-only file. 

D. The client RDBMS instance cannot access the files in the disk group. 


Q32. Your database initialization parameter file has the following entry: 


Which statement is true regarding this setting? 

A. It is enforced only if the password profile is enabled for the user. 

B. It locks the user account after the specified number of attempts. 

C. It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail for any user. 

D. It drops the connection after the specified number of login attempts fail only for users who have the SYSDBA privilege. 


Q33. You need to create a partitioned table to store historical data and you issued the following command: 

CREATE TABLE purchase_interval 


INTERVAL (NUMTOYMINTERVAL(1,'month')) STORE IN (tbs1,tbs2,tbs3) 

PARTITION p1 VALUES LESS THAN(TO_DATE('1-1-2005', 'dd-mm-yyyy')), 

PARTITION p2 VALUES LESS THAN(TO_DATE('1-1-2007', 'dd-mm-yyyy'))) 



FROM purchases 

WHERE time_id < TO_DATE('1-1-2007','dd-mm-yyyy'); 

What is the outcome of the above command? 

A. It returns an error because the range partitions P1 and P2 should be of the same range. 

B. It creates two range partitions (P1, P2). Within each range partition, it creates month wise subpartitions. 

C. It creates two range partitions of varying range. For data beyond '1-1-2007,' it creates partitions with a width of one month each. 

D. It returns an error because the number of tablespaces (TBS1,TBS2,TBS3)specified does not match the number of range partitions (P1,P2) specified. 


Q34. An online tablespace, TEST_TBS, is full and you realize that no server-managed tablespace threshold alerts were generated for the TEST_TBS tablespace. What could be the reason, if the TEST_TBS tablespace does not include autoextensible data files? 

A. TEST_TBS is a small file tablespace. 

B. TEST_TBS is a bigfile tablespace (BFT). 

C. TEST_TBS is the default temporary tablespace. 

D. TEST_TBS is a dictionary-managed tablespace. 


Q35. Identify two situations in which you can use Data Recovery Advisor for recovery. (Choose two.) 

A. The database files are corrupted when the database is open. 

B. The archived log files are missing for which backup is not available. 

C. The user has dropped an important table that needs to be recovered. 

D. You are not able to start up the database instance because the required database files are missing. 

Answer: A,D 

Q36. In which two aspects does hot patching differ from conventional patching? (Choose two.) 

A. It consumes more memory compared with conventional patching. 

B. It can be installed and uninstalled via OPatch unlike conventional patching. 

C. It takes more time to install or uninstall compared with conventional patching. 

D. It does not require down time to apply or remove unlike conventional patching. 

E. It is not persistent across instance startup and shutdown unlike conventional patching. 

Answer: A,D 

Q37. View the Exhibit for the object interdependency diagram. 

The PRODUCTS table is used to create the PRODCAT_VW view. 

PRODCAT_VW is used in the GET_DATA procedure. 

GET_DATA is called in the CHECK_DATA function. 

A new column PROD_QTY is added to the PRODUCTS table. 

How does this impact the status of the dependent objects? 

A. All dependent objects remain valid. 

B. Only the procedure and function become invalid and must be recompiled. 

C. Only the view becomes invalid and gets automatically revalidated the next time it is used. 

D. Only the procedure and function become invalid and get automatically revalidated the next time they are called. 


Q38. View the Exhibit and examine the Data Pump architecture. 

Identify the numbered components. 

A. 1 - Oracle Loader, 2 - Oracle Data Pump, 3 - Direct Path API 

B. 1 - Oracle Data Pump, 2 - Direct Path API, 3 - Oracle Loader 

C. 1 - Direct Path API, 2 - Oracle Loader, 3 - Oracle Data Pump 

D. 1 - Oracle Loader, 2 - Direct Path API, 3 - Oracle Data Pump 


Q39. View the following SQL statements: 

Transaction T1 

INSERT INTO hr.regions VALUES (5,'Pole'); 


Transaction T2 

UPDATE hr.regions SET region_name='Poles' WHERE region_id = 5; 


Transaction T3 

UPDATE hr.regions SET region_name='North and South Poles' WHERE 

region_id = 5; 

You want to back out transaction T2. Which option would you use? 

A. It is possible, but transaction T3 also backs out. 

B. It is possible with the NOCASCADE_FORCE option. 

C. It is possible with the NONCONFLICT_ONLY option. 

D. It is not possible because it has conflicts with transaction T3. 


Q40. Which two statements are true with respect to the maintenance window? (Choose two.) 

A. A DBA can enable or disable an individual task in all maintenance windows. 

B. A DBA cannot change the duration of the maintenance window after it is created. 

C. In case of a long maintenance window, all Automated Maintenance Tasks are restarted every four hours. 

D. A DBA can control the percentage of the resource allocated to the Automated Maintenance Tasks in each window. 

Answer: A,D