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2021 Apr 1Z0-068 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which two components must always be defined or specified by an administrator to make an application highly available using Oracle 12c Clusterware? 

A. A Server Pool 

B. an application VIP 

C. an application resource 

D. a resource dependency definition 

E. a script agent 

Answer: B,C 

Q42. Which three statements are true about services when used with transparent application failover (TAF) for an administrator-managed RAC database? 

A. TAF-enabled sessions fail over to a surviving instance accepting logins for the service. 

B. TAF-settings for the service override TAF settings in TNS entry used by the client. 

C. TAF can restart a query or a transaction after failover. 

D. The TAF settings for a client connections overrides any TAF settings in the service definition. 

E. TAF PRECONNECT requires configuration for the service and in the client TNS entry. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q43. A directory +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/USERS exists in ASM. 

USERS is a user created directory; ORCL and DATAFILE are system generated directories. Which two statements are true about user-created directories? 

A. You can create subdirectories under the USERS directory. 

B. You cannot rename a user-created subdirectory. 

C. You cannot drop a directory containing aliases unless you delete the aliases first. 

D. You cannot create a user-defined directory at the root (+) level. 

E. You cannot create a nested subdirectory /USERS/2014 under USERS with a single CREATE DIRETORYcommand even if directory USER1 doesn’t exist. 

Answer: A,C 

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Q44. Which two types of IP address details are administered using the srvctl command for Oracle Clusterware 12c? 

A. the Grid Naming Service (GNS) VIP 

B. public IP addresses 

C. High Available VIP (HAIP) addresses 

D. Single Client Access Name (SCAN) VIPs 

E. Storage Network IP addresses 

Answer: C,D 

Q45. You plan to create a three-instance RAC database stored in ASM, with its data files in the DATA disk group. Identify three supported storage solutions for the Fast Recovery Area (FRA). 

A. a shared nothing file system accessed directly by the database instances 

B. a cluster file system 

C. a shared NFS file system 

D. the DATA disk group 

E. a local file system with the same path name on each cluster node 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q46. Which two statements are true about the Global Enqueue Service, Instance Locks, and global enqueues in Oracle 12c RAC? 

A. In a RAC One Node database, there is no LMD0 process if only one instance is running. 

B. Global Enqueues and Instance Locks replace mutexes completely in RAC database instances. 

C. In a RAC database, there is no LMD0 process if only one instance is running. 

D. Global Enqueues and Instance Locks replace latches completely in RAC database isntances. 

E. Global Enqueues may have owners and waiters in the same instance. 

F. Global Enqueues may have converters and waiters in the same isntance. 

Answer: E,F 

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Q47. Which two statements are true about initialization parameters for Clustered ASM instances? 

A. A change to ASM_DISKSTRING requires a restart of all ASM instances for the change to take effect. 

B. ASM_POWER_LIMIT controls he number of RDBMS instances that can access a disk group while it isbeing rebalanced. 

C. The ASM_DISKGROUP parameter is optional. 

D. The default value of INSTANT_TYPE is ASM. 

E. The maximum value of ASM_POWER_LIMIT is 1024. 

Answer: C,E 

Q48. Examine these commands: $ srvctl add service –db racdb –service erp –serverpool srvpooll -failovertype TRANSACTION –commit_outcome TRUE – replay_init_time 1800 -retention 86400 –notification TRUE –rlbgoal SERVICE_TIME –clbgoal SHORT -failoverretry 30 – failoverdelay 10 $ srvctl start service – db racdb – service erp Instances RACDB_1 and RACDB_2 run on host01 and host02, respectively. Which three statements are true regarding the service erp? 

A. Connections to the database using erp benefit from Application Continuity. 

B. erp is configured for an administrator-managed RAC database. 

C. Load Balancing Advisory (LBA) will be disabled for this service. 

D. Connections to the database using erp benefit from Load Balancing. 

E. Connections to the database using erp benefit from Transaction Guard. 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q49. Which statement is true about using OPatch to patch Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c? 

A. All grid infrastructure patches may be applied in a rolling fashion with Opatch. 

B. Opatch can patch all cluster nodes simultaneously without stopping the clusterware on all nodes. 

C. Opatch can patch all cluster nodes simultaneously only for nonrolling patches. 

D. Applying patches with Opatch must be done in an out-of-place fashion. 

Answer: A 

Q50. Which statement is true concerning the installation of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c patchset and its status during the installation? 

A. Some grid infrastructure patchsets may not be installed in a rolling fashion. 

B. They can be applied in-place. 

C. When performing rolling patches, crsctl query crs softwareversion always displays the lowest version of thesoftware running anywhere in the cluster 

D. When performing rolling patches, the VIPs for the node being patched are relocated to another node. 

Answer: C