Exam Code: 1Z0-102 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Weblogic Server 11g: System Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2021 May 1Z0-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. Refer to the Exhibit

What is the meaning of the yellow triangle icon next to Listen Address?

A. This attribute has no value.

B. The server must be runningto change this attribute.

C. The server must be shut down to change this attribute.

D. The server must be restarted for a change to this attribute to take effect.

E. This attribute is read only and cannot be changed in the administration console

Answer: D

Q12. An application requires a JDBC data source, which you create in the domain. You name it but the administrator allot another domain name the same data source DatasourceB.

Without modifying either domain, which is the best method to ensure that the application deploys successfully in both?

A. Create a separate application archive to use with each domain.

B. Create a separate deployment plan file to use with each domain.

C. Create and register a customdeployment listener.

D. Modify the application code to determine the current domain.

Answer: B

Q13. Which three tasks are required to use JDBC session persistence for a web application?

A. Enable automatic migration on each server.

B. Create the session database table.

C. Configure SSL on each server.

D. Edit the weblogic.xml descriptor.

E. Create a multi data source.

F. Create a JDBC data source.

Answer: BDF

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Q14. Which statement is true about the java Node Manager?

A. It runs on Windows not on Linux

B. In its secure form, it uses one-way SSL.

C. It does not use the nodemanager.domains file, whereas the script-based Node Manager.

D. Unlike the script based Node Manager, it shouldnot be run as an operating system service

Answer: B

Q15. You are installing Oracle WebLogic Server 11g for some new developers in the department. They have asked for a very generic installation for development and want you to ensure that the "MedRec" sample domain is included. What should you do to accomplish this?

A. Select the typical installation because the "MedRec" sample domain is included in it.

B. You won't be able to do this, because all the samples were removed from the installer after 10g.

C. Select the custom installation and select Server Examples.

D. After installation, create a sample domain named "MedRec" by using the Configuration Wizard.

Answer: C

Q16. While creating a new domain in the Configuration Wizard, there are two types of machines that may be configured. Indentify them.

A. Machine and Windows machine

B. administrator machine and managed machine

C. machine and Unix machine

D. stand-alone machine and cluster machine

E. RDBMS machine and LDAP machine

Answer: B


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Q17. When installing Oracle Weblogic Server 11g with the graphical installer, which three statements are true?

A. You must choose either a typical or a custom installation.

B. You install under Microsoft Windows because the graphical installer is available only for Window

C. You may create a new middleware home directory or choose an existing one.

D. Youmust register for critical security updates.

E. You may install a JDK or choose one that was previously installed.

Answer: ACE

Q18. You have successfully created a global data source and connection pool via the administration console.

In which directory relative to the domain will this new data source and connection pool definition located?

A. in a directory named config/dataSource

B. in a directory named config/connPool

C. in a directory named config/resources

D. in a directory named config/jdbc

E. in a directory named config

Answer: D

Q19. Which two statements are true about a WebLogic domain?

A. It is the basic administrative unit of WebLogic Server.

B. It is an optional administrative construct to organize groups of WebLogic

C. Administration Servers are defined within a domain, but Managed Servers

D. Youmust first have a domain to define a WebLogic Server cluster.

E. Every domain has one Administration Server and at least one managed server

Answer: AD

Q20. Refer to the Exhibit.

You use the Start button in the administration console to start managed2 successfully. Which two statements must be true?

A. Managad2 is part of a cluster.

B. The Administration Server is running.

C. Managed2 has applications deployed toit.

D. The Node Manager for machine2 is configured and running.

E. The Node Manager for the Administration Server machine is configured and running.

Answer: BD