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2021 May 1Z0-102 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. View the Exhibit.

You previously deployed an application but later decide to change various configuration parameters, such as timeouts. You access the application's Configuration tab in the console and make your configurations, as shown in the Exhibit.

In which file does WebLogic record these modifications?

A. config.xml

B. weblogic.xml

C. Application.xml

D. Plan.xml

Answer: B

Q32. You run the following WLST script and it completes successfully. Which statement best describes what the script created?

A. A CMO named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

B. A Managed Server named myserver with the listen address and port 7001

C. A Managed Server named myserver with listen address and port 8008

D. An Administration Server named myserver with the listen address and port 8008

Answer: C

Q33. Which statement best describes WebLog's default application staging behavior?

A. The Administration Sever distributes application files when the application is first accessed by a client.

B. The Administration Sever copied application files to a database that is shared with the Managed Servers.

C. The Managed Servers obtain application files from a disk that is shared with the Administration Server.

D. The Administration Sever distributes copied of application files over the network to the Managed Servers.

Answer: D

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Q34. Which three statements are true about deployment plans?

A. A plan is an XML file.

B. A plan is packaged within an application archive.

C. You can generate a new plan with the administration console.

D. A plan is a required to deploy EJB applications and modules.

E. A plan may override values in an application's deployment descriptors.

F. A single application deployment can be associated with multiple plans.

Answer: ACE

Q35. Which two statements are true about Log Filters?

A. Log Filters are created at the domain level.

B. You do not have to lock the configuration to create Log Filters.

C. You can apply a Log Filter to the server log, but not to standard out.

D. The administration console assists in the creation of Log Filter expressions

Answer: AD

Q36. Your domain includes a cluster of five servers, but only three are currently running. A colleague then uses the administration console to install and deploy a new EJB application to the cluster.

By default, which outcome would you expect?

A. The application deploys successfully on the three servers that are running.

B. The deployment fails because the entire cluster is not running.

C. The deployment succeeds, but the application is not accessible.

D. The user is prompted to start the two unavailable servers before continuing.

E. The two unavailable servers are automatically removed from the cluster.

Answer: A

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Q37. When using the Install Application Assistant in the administrator console, what are the two options that may select for "Choose Targeting Style"?

A. Choosing "Install this deployment as a resource" will allow you to deploy any type of resource archive.

B. Choosing "Install this deployment as a library" will allow you to deploy any archive, which can be referenced by other applications.

C. Choosing "Install this deployment as expanded format" allow expanded directories to be utilized.

D. Choosing "Install this deployment as an application" will allow you to deploy any archive or extended directory.

E. Choosing "Install this deployment as a stand-alone library" will allow you to deploy a library, which can be used only by nonclustered servers.

Answer: BD

Q38. Indentify two attributes of a JMS server.

A. Target

B. Persistent Store

C. Destination

D. Connection Factory

E. Store and Forward

Answer: AB

Q39. Identify three ways to create a domain template.

A. Administration console

B. Domain Template Builder

C. unpack command

D. pack command

E. Node Manager


G. Configuration Wizard

Answer: BDF

Q40. Identify three types of JMS resources that can be configured as a part of a JMS module.

A. JMS Distributed Destination

B. JMS Connection Factory

C. JMS Data Source

D. JMS Destination

E. JMS Server

Answer: ABE