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Q51. You have made several changes to variable attributes on a managed server within a domain.

You first locked the console, made some nondynamic changes, made some dynamic changes as well, and then activated your changes. Which statement is true?

A. All the changes that you made on the server will take effect immediately.

B. The dynamic changes that you made will take effect immediately and the changes that are nondynamic will take effect after the server is restarted.

C. The changes that you made on the server will not take effect until you restart the server.

D. You will receive an error because you cannot make dynamic and nondynamic changes to a server at the same time.

Answer: C

Q52. Managed Server Independence enabled is not selected in the configuration of myserver1. Which statement is true?

A. Only the Node Manager can start myserver1

B. Only a local start script can start myserver1

C. Myserver1 cannot be part of a cluster.

D. The Administration Server must be available before starting myserver1

Answer: D

Q53. Identify two reasons for defining machines and assigning servers to them in Weblogic Server.

A. Amachine can be the proxy to a cluster.

B. A machine definition is required to configure the Node Manager.

C. To reference an instance of WebLogic Server, you must know its machine and port.

D. Machine is a required organizational unit. A domain contains machines and machines contain servers.

E. WebLogic Server uses server machine assignments to help it choose servers in a cluster on which to replicate session state.

F. The machine's Cluster Weight attribute may be used by load balancers to help them determine how often to send requests to servers assigned to that machine.

Answer: BE

Q54. Which two statements are true about java EE shared libraries?

A. A shared library cannot bedeployed to a cluster.

B. An application that is targeted to server1 can use a shared library that is targeted to server 2.

C. Multiple versions of the same shared library can be deployed and be active at the same time

D. A shared library is referenced through an application's deployment descriptor.

Answer: CD

Q55. You run the default startmanageWeblogic (.cmd in Windows) script as shown here: server1

What does this do?

A. It starts the administration server named server1, which is running at

B. It starts the managed server named server1, which is running at

C. It starts the managed server named server1 whose Node Manager is running at

D. It starts the Managed Server named server1 whose Administration Server is running at

Answer: D

Q56. What is the default Staging Mode for servers?

A. No-Stage

B. Stage

C. External Stage

D. Use the defaults defined by the deployment targets

E. Copy the application onto every target for me

Answer: B

Q57. You monitor a running JDBC data source with the console and note the following values:

Current Capacity = 10

Current Capacity High Count = 20

Identify two plausible explanations for these metrics.

A. The pool size has increased.

B. The pool size has decreased.

C. The workload was higher than it is now.

D. The workload was lower than it is now.

E. The statement cache size is 10.

F. The statement cache size is 20.

Answer: BC

Q58. Identify two supported methods of deploying a JMS module to a domain.

A. Create a module by using the administration console.

B. Load a module into the WebLogic database.

C. Include a module file within a web application archive.

D. Include a module file within an enterprise application archive.

E. Define a module within an existing JDBC module.

Answer: CD

Q59. Indentify two attributes of a JMS server.

A. Target

B. Persistent Store

C. Destination

D. Connection Factory

E. Store and Forward

Answer: AB

Q60. Refer to the Exhibit.

You use the Start button in the administration console to start managed2 successfully. Which two statements must be true?

A. Managad2 is part of a cluster.

B. The Administration Server is running.

C. Managed2 has applications deployed toit.

D. The Node Manager for machine2 is configured and running.

E. The Node Manager for the Administration Server machine is configured and running.

Answer: BD