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Q31. You are at your client site working on PeopleSoft HRMS implementation. One of your tasks is to add systemwide defaults in order to save time when a user is entering information in transaction tables.

Identify which field is NOT a default option in the Org Default by Permission List component.

A. SetID

B. Country

C. Company

D. To Currency

E. Business Unit

F. Compensation Frequency

Answer: F  

Q32. On the Job Data Work Location tab for a new hire, Company is a required field.

You can default Company from the _____ table.

A. Location

B. Job Code

C. Position Data

D. Business Unit

E. Holiday Schedule

Answer: C  

Q33. Identify two of the tables where an employee's default compensation frequency can be set? (Choose two.)

A. Position Table

B. Job Code Table

C. Installation Table

D. Salary Plan Table

Answer: BC  

Q34. Employee # 4321 just got married and you need to update the information in PeopleSoft. Which two paths can you follow to insert a row and update the information? (Choose two.)

A. Workforce Administration > Citizenship, enter employee id #

B. Workforce Administration > Personal Relationships, enter employee id #

C. Workforce Administration > Organization Relationships, enter employee id #

D. Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Modify a Person, enter employee id #

E. Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > Modify a Person, enter employee id #

Answer: DE  

Q35. An employee was recently given a transfer of department, and along with the transfer the employee's supervisor changed. Which two pages on Job Data need to be updated with an inserted row?

A. Job Information & Payroll

B. Work Location & Job Labor

C. Work Location & Salary Plan

D. Job Information & Salary Plan

E. Work Location & Job Information

Answer: E  

Q36. A new Employment Record Number (ERN) was created erroneously. The ERN Delete Process can be used to remove the erroneous record.

Which are the three processes that this component checks before allowing the deletion of the ERN? (Choose three.)

A. Payroll

B. Training

C. Benefits

D. User Profile

E. Time Reporting

Answer: ACE  

Q37. Your client needs to distinguish currency and cost of living differences for workers with the same Job Code.

To meet this requirement, you need to ____.

A. associate the Comp Rate Code with Location in the Location table

B. associate the Salary Grade/Step with Location in the Location table

C. associate the Comp Rate Code with Job Code in the Job Code table

D. associate the Salary Grade/Step with Job Code in the Job Code table

E. associate the Salary Administration Plan with Location in the Location table

F. associate the Salary Administration Plan with Job Code in the Job Code table

Answer: E  

Q38. What is true about SetID and Business Unit?

A. SetIDs are assigned to Business Units.

B. The term SetID and Business Unit are often used synonymously.

C. Business Unit can control what a SetID can access within a table.

D. SetID and Business Unit are considered legal entities within PeopleSoft Human Resource.

E. Business Unit is associated with a persons job record, whereas SetID is associated with a persons position record.

Answer: A  

Q39. Your client is considering implementing a multi-step grade Salary Plan and is planning to use the Default Pay component functionality in Job Data. To accomplish this, which four core foundation table components need to be set up? (Choose four.)

A. Company

B. Installation

C. Salary Plan

D. Salary Step

E. Pay Group

F. Salary Grades

G. Comp Rate Code

Answer: BCFG  

Q40. Your client has North American Payroll and Global Payroll. When adding an employment instance for a new hire, your client selects a payroll system to use for processing the employee's payroll. Depending on which payroll system is selected, the input field names displayed would differ on the Payroll page except for two field names.

Identify the two field names that are displayed on the Payroll page for both payroll systems. (Choose two.)

A. Paygroup

B. GL Pay Type

C. Eligibility Group

D. Employee Type

E. Holiday Schedule

F. Exchange Rate Type

Answer: AE