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Q31. Identify three template types for which you can define Journal Entry Template? 

A. SetID 

B. User ID 

C. All 

D. Business Unit 

E. Permission List 

F. Journal Source 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q32. Identify two correct statements about the Combination Edit setup and process. 

A. Summary Ledgers can use Combo Edits. 

B. It does not matter whether you use ranges of values in trees or detail values when it comes to efficiency and how often you must rebuild the COMBO_DATA_TBL. 

C. Rules can invalidate a ChartField that has a blank ChartField valuE. 

D. The COMBO_DATA_TBL can be rebuilt faster than the Master Selector tables. 

E. The decisions on how to implement ChartField combination editing and the types of underlying tables to use greatly affect the efficiency, speed, and ease of maintenancE. 

Answer: A,C 

Q33. Which two fields on the Account page must be completed when setting up a Statistical Account? 


B. Statistics Code 

C. Control Account 

D. Statistical Account check box 

E. Equity Monetary Account Type 

Answer: A,D 

Q34. Which page identifies the System Source that distributes accounting entries to PeopleSoft Genera/ Ledger? 

A. Post Journals Request 

B. Journal Entry Template 

C. Journal Generator Request 

D. Accounting Entry Definition 

E. Accounting Entry Template 

Answer: B 

Q35. Identify three files that PeopleSoft requires that you have on your workstation for spread sheet journal import. 

A. GLIOG. xlt 

B. JRNL.xls 

C. EXCEL.xla 


E. EXPDB. xls 


Answer: B,E,F 

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Q36. Your customer informs you that they ran the Year End Close process, but then discovered that they were not ready to run it. How can they correct this error? 

A. Select the Undo option for the Close Request Type. 

B. Run the Reverse close process. 

C. Reopen Period 12 and create reversal journals. 

D. Create reversal journals for Period 1 of the new year. 

Answer: B 

Q37. What must be provided on the Net Income/Retained Earnings page of the Closing Rule along with the Retained Earnings account? 

A. Ledger to close 

B. Business Unit to close 

C. Account Tree for the Retained Earnings account 

D. Journal Source 

E. ChartField Value Set for P&L accounts 

Answer: D 

Q38. To which level is the Define Options and Defaults page for the Spreadsheet Journal Import template set? 

A. Line level 

B. Workbook level 

C. Journal level 

D. Journal sheet level 

Answer: C 

Q39. What is the function of the "Keep Ledgers in Sync" check box? 

A. enables posting in multiple currencies 

B. allows you to open and close all Business Units at once 

C. allows you to report on multiple fiscal years 

D. enables the system to post journal entries to all ledgers in the Ledger Group 

E. combines multiple primary ledgers into a summary ledger 

Answer: D 

Q40. View the Exhibit 

Identify the ledger balance retrieved by the TimeSpan illustrated in the Exhibit. 

A. Current balance 

B. Period 1 balance 

C. Beginning balance 

D. Prior Period balance 

E. Year-To-Date balance 

Answer: A