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Q51. Company ABC has 10 Business Units and a shared SetID called SHARE. How many SetlDs does ABC have? 

A. Ten 

B. Five 

C. One 

D. Zero 

E. Eleven 

Answer: A 

Q52. When the InterUnit method is direct method, the ChartFilelds and values that are used for the balancing entries for a Business Unit are retrieved using its own_____. 

A. Ledger Group 

B. Ledger 

C. Journal 

D. InterUnit Template 

Answer: D 

Q53. Where do trees determine which ChartField the tree is based on and where the detail values for that ChartField are stored? 

A. tree name 

B. tree structures 

C. tree categories 

D. root node of a tree 

Answer: D 

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Abreast of the times 1Z0-228 braindumps:

Q54. Identify the three PeopleSoft InterUnit Methods 

A. Pairs 

B. Direct 

C. Indirect 

D. Matching 

E. Compare 

Answer: A,B,C 


InterUnit Method There are three Due To/From Balancing methods for InterUnit transactions. Select the method that you want to use. Default is Direct. 

* Direct: The Due-To/From ChartFields used to balance each entity in the transaction are retrieved from the entity's own Inter/IntraUnit Template definition. 

* Indirect: The Due-To/From ChartFields used to balance each entity in the transaction are retrieved from the affiliate entity's Inter/IntraUnit Template definition. 

* Pairs: The Due-To/From ChartFields used to balance each entity in the transaction are retrieved from a definition for the pair of entities, or Business Units, involved in the transaction. Pairs are defined on the InterUnit Pair Maintenance page 

Q55. John wants his users to see only certain fields on the Journal Line page when they enter journals. He wants to exclude fields such as Project, Open Item Key, and Program. However, other areas of the company use these fields to create journals. 

How would you configure the system to do this? 

A. Create SpeedTypes that will use only the selected ChartFields. 

B. Create a Journal Entry Template for his users and select only the required fields that they need. 

C. Customize the Jrni_Header and Jrnl_Ln tables to include only these ChartFields. 

D. Select the check boxes above the ChartFields that you want to retain on the Journal Line page. 

E. Create a separate Business Unit and run the ChartField Configurator to deactivate all the ChartFields that you do not requirE. 

Answer: E 

Q56. What are the two methods by which Spreadsheet Journals are imported to General Ledger? 

A. Batch Import 

B. Online Import 

C. Journal Generator Import 

D. Import Ledger from Flat File 

E. Extract, Translate, and Load 

Answer: A,D