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2021 Oct 1Z0-228 free practice exam

Q11. You are setting up the ledgers in "Ledgers For A Unit." 

Which four items must be specified for each detail ledger before posting Business Unit data? 

A. open periods for posting 

B. balanced or unbalanced ledgers 

C. Combination Edit Rules and Groups 

D. the year and adjustment periods for posting any adjustments 

E. Average Daily Balance processing rules 

F. Consolidations and Equitizations options 

G. rules for handling Journal processing, Currency, and Approval options 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q12. Identify four true statements about tree branches. 

A. Each branch can be maintained as a separate object, allowing multiple users to work on separate branches simultaneously. 

B. Tree branches can be used to restrict security access. 

C. When you are using the original tree, you cannot edit the branch's nodes or details until you open that brancH. 

D. Branching a tree can improve PeopleSoft Tree Manager performance by reducing the amount of data accesseD. 

E. Tree Manager restricts you from creating branches from a branched nodE. 

Answer: A,B,C,E 

Q13. Which three statements are true about PeopleSoft trees? 

A. The structure and development of your PeopleSoft trees directly impacts the efficiency of your organization's reporting, processing, and ongoing maintenance of fields. 

B. The Insert Detail button on the tree allows you to actually add values to the detail value tables if the value does not already exist (such as an Account to the GL_ACCODNT_TBL record). 

C. You can create only one tree per ChartFielD. 

D. A tree in draft mode cannot be used in reporting until it has been saved in a valid statE. 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q14. The Accounts Payable Liability account 210000 is set as a Control Account. The current account balance is SO. 

Two Journal entries are made in the current perioD. 

Entry 1 Through Journal Generator 

What is the expected balance for Business Unit USOO1 in Local ledger for account 210000 after the Journal Post process is run? 

A. Entry 1 and Entry 2 are ValiD. The account balance is $-1200. 

B. Entry 1 and Entry 2 are Invalid for a Control Account. The account balance is $0. " 

C. Entry 1 is Invalid for a Control Account. Entry 2 is ValiD. The account balance is $-200. 

D. Entry l is ValiD. Entry 2 is Invalid for a Control Account. The account balance is $-1000. 

Answer: B 

Q15. What feature is supported in combination Edits? 

A. Multiple anchor values in a combination definition 

B. Use of winter and spring trees in combination rules 

C. Multiple combination definitions in a combination group 

D. COMBO_DATA_TBL built as a part of the journal Edit process 

Answer: D

Updated 1Z0-228 free practice questions:

Q16. Your client stops processing vouchers for the current month three days before the end of the perioD. The General Ledger (GL) and Accounts Payable (AP) subledger will be working on two different timelines. 

What is the best option for your client? 

A. Enter 3 in the Lag Days box for AP in "Ledgers For A Unit." 

B. Create a TimeSpan using -3 and enter it in the Accounts Payable Detail Calendar. 

C. Enter 3 in the Begin Lag and End Lag fields in the Open Period Mass Update AP link. 

D. Enter -3 in the Begin Lag and End Lag fields on the Update Open Period page for the AP PeopleSoft product. 

E. Create a calendar for Accounts Payable that begins and ends three days ahead of the GL Calendar. Then associate that with the Accounts Payable Business Unit. 

Answer: C 

Q17. You provide the appropriate Inter/lntraUnit Template for a Business Unit on the_____page. 

A. Inter/lntraUnit Definition 

B. General Ledger Options 

C. General Ledger Definition – Definition 

D. General Ledger Definition Inter/lntraUnit 

Answer: C 

Q18. You created a journal by using a Journal Entry TemplatE. However, before posting the journal, you realize that you missed a ChartField because it was not visible in the Journal Entry Template that you useD. 

What should you do to fix the error? 

A. Perform a SQL update to the journal. 

B. Select another Journal Entry TemplatE. 

C. Correct the error in Suspense Correction. 

D. Find a technical consultant to fix the error. 

Answer: A 

Q19. Which is used to create a working calendar that identifies holidays and nonworking days? 

A. Detail Calendar 

B. Budget Calendar 

C. Calendar Builder 

D. Summary Calendar 

E. Business Calendar 

Answer: E 

Q20. When the Inheritance option for a ChartField is set to Always Inherit, the ChartField value on a transaction is inherited from_____. 

A. the accounting entry templates 

B. the speed type for your user ID 

C. the interunit template for the business unit 

D. one of the other entries that make up the transaction 

E. the same General Ledger Business Unit 

Answer: C