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Q31. Which page identifies the System Source that distributes accounting entries to PeopleSoft Genera/ Ledger? 

A. Post Journals Request 

B. Journal Entry Template 

C. Journal Generator Request 

D. Accounting Entry Definition 

E. Accounting Entry Template 


Q32. Which Journal feature can be effective-dated? 

A. SpeedType 

B. Journal Class 

C. Journal Source 

D. Standard Journal 

E. Journal Entry Template 


Q33. Identify four examples of Date and Time Period variables when creating a PS/nVision Layout. 

A. APN - Period Name 

B. STA - Period Status 

C. AST - As of Tree Date 

D. PED - Period End Date 

E. PDC - Period Description 

F. ASD - As of Reporting Date 

Answer: A,C,D,E 

Q34. Which action would require a change to the delivered fields in the Standard Ledger Template? 

A. creating a new Ledger 

B. customizing the system 

C. creating a new Business Unit 

D. creating a new Ledger Group 

E. creating or changing Calendars 

F. activating or removing a ChartField 


Q35. Which two statements describe SpeedTypes? 

A. Use of SpeedTypes can reduce keying errors. 

B. SpeedTypes use trees for efficiency. 

C. Use of SpeedTypes can greatly improve efficiency by saving keystrokes 

D. SpeedTypes are shared with PeopleSoft Payables. 

E. SpeedTypes are used as a trigger for certain processes. 

Answer: A,C 

Q36. Where would you enable Document Sequencing, Alternate Account, and an InterUnit Method? 

A. Installation Options - Products page 

B. User Preferences - Overall Preferences page 

C. Currency Codes 

D. Installation Options - Overall page 

E. General Ledger Definition - Definition page 

F. Business Calendar 


Q37. You can enable PeopleSoft Financials Audit Framework (Audit Logging): 

A. from the Enable Audit Logging page 

B. to provide a detail audit trail of selected journal processing events 

C. for PeopleSoft General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, and Asset Management 

D. to track deleted journal entries 

E. All of the above 


Q38. Identify two correct statements about the Combination Edit setup and process. 

A. Summary Ledgers can use Combo Edits. 

B. It does not matter whether you use ranges of values in trees or detail values when it comes to efficiency and how often you must rebuild the COMBO_DATA_TBL. 

C. Rules can invalidate a ChartField that has a blank ChartField valuE. 

D. The COMBO_DATA_TBL can be rebuilt faster than the Master Selector tables. 

E. The decisions on how to implement ChartField combination editing and the types of underlying tables to use greatly affect the efficiency, speed, and ease of maintenancE. 

Answer: A,C 

Q39. Which three represent the data stored in the Ledger tables? 

A. Transaction Detail 

B. Year To Date balances 

C. Actual and Budget data 

D. Posted net period activity 

E. Forecast and Statistical data 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q40. John wants his users to see only certain fields on the Journal Line page when they enter journals. He wants to exclude fields such as Project, Open Item Key, and Program. However, other areas of the company use these fields to create journals. 

How would you configure the system to do this? 

A. Create SpeedTypes that will use only the selected ChartFields. 

B. Create a Journal Entry Template for his users and select only the required fields that they need. 

C. Customize the Jrni_Header and Jrnl_Ln tables to include only these ChartFields. 

D. Select the check boxes above the ChartFields that you want to retain on the Journal Line page. 

E. Create a separate Business Unit and run the ChartField Configurator to deactivate all the ChartFields that you do not requirE.