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Q21. - (Topic 0) 

You have been asked to create the handler for an asynchronous service operation that is being sent outbound to several external nodes. When the service operation is sent, you need to be able to add criteria to filter the nodes. Which method will you implement in the handler PeopleCode to accomplish this? 

A. OnNotify 

B. OnRouteSend 

C. OnAckReceive 

D. OnRequestSend 

E. OnRouteReceive 


37. - (Topic 0) 

Select a good reason to select Disable Restart in an Application Engine program. 

A. The program commits every row. 

B. Selecting Disable Restart improves performance because it causes Application Engine to defer all commits until processing completes. 

C. The program does a lot of preparation work up front, like joining tables and loading data into temporary work tables. 

D. The program only commits once, when the program successfully completes. 

E. The program performs crucial and time-sensitive data processing. 


Q22. - (Topic 0) 

Which IntBroker class method do you use to send a synchronous request? 

A. Publish 

B. InboundPublish 

C. SyncRequest 

D. GetSyncIBInfoData 

E. ConnectorRequest 


21. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. Note the Application Engine action MAIN.Loop.W. 

Setting the Action Type to ReUse can significantly reduce the run time for certain 

Application Engine programs. 

Is this program a good candidate for ReUse, and why? 

A. Yes. ReUse is most effective in a SQL looping construct. 

B. Yes. ReUse reduces compile time for PeopleCode statements. 

C. No. ReUse reduces compile time for PeopleCode, but this loop is in a Do While action. 

D. No. ReUse is most effective in a SQL looping construct, but this loop is in a PeopleCode action. 

E. Yes. ReUse reduces the number of checkpoints because fewer SQL Insert statements are performed. 


Q23. - (Topic 0) 

The Application Engine program PSU_PROC_ORD uses values from PS_PSU_ORDER_DTL and PS_PSU_STOCK_TBL to update PS_PSU_STOCK_TBL. 

You tested the following SQL Select statement in your database query tool and it returned the expected results. (Line numbers have been added for clarity.) 




 , a.ITEM_CD 











You copy and paste the SQL statement to a Do Select action, but it needs to be modified so that it populates the PSU_ORDERS_AET state record. 

What do you need to do? 

A. Change line 1 to: 


B. Add this line before line 1: 


C. Add this line before line 1: 


D. Add this line before line 1: 


E. Add this line after line 7: 



Q24. - (Topic 0) 

On the Service Operation definition page, the Introspection link is used to _____. 

A. provide a Web service 

B. consume a Web service 

C. add a new service operation 

D. add a new service operation version 

E. add routing to existing service operation 


Q25. - (Topic 0) 

Which two characteristics are required to create Transform type application engine programs? (Choose two). 

A. The Program Type is Transform Only. 

B. The Action Type is either XSLT or PeopleCode. 

C. You must set the Graphical Mapper option to Yes. 

D. You must define the psft_function in the application engine program. 

E. The input and output message names must be defined in the application engine program properties, even if Oracle Graphical Mapper is not used. 

Answer: A,B 

Q26. - (Topic 0) 

You created a component interface and now must implement it on an online component. 

The PeopleCode that triggers a component interface is placed on the SavePostChange event. Select the three reasons for placing the PeopleCode on the SavePostChange event? (Choose three.) 

A. SavePostChange event is not field dependent. 

B. SavePostChange is initiated after the Component Processor updates the database. 

C. SavePostChange is generally used to update tables that are not in the component. 

D. An error or warning that is generated in SavePostChange causes the component interface to be canceled, but the component data is saved. 

E. The system issues a SQL commit after the SavePostChange terminates successfully. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q27. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit. 

You want to reuse the code in this Application Engine program by making it available to other Application Engine programs. 

What must you do to use the program as a repository for PeopleSoft Application Engine sections? 

A. Delete the MAIN section. 

B. Rename the MAIN section. 

C. Use the suffix LIB in the program name. 

D. Include at least one Call Section action. 

E. Set Access to Public for at least one section. 

F. Select the Application Library check box on the Advanced tabbed page of the PeopleSoft Application Engine Properties dialog. 


Q28. - (Topic 0) 

View the Exhibit, which shows Code Set Values. You will be using these code set values for the ORDER_STATUS field between System A (sender) and System B (recipient). 

Which code set group, based on the data displayed in the exhibit, needs to be associated with System A? 






Q29. - (Topic 0) 

The Customer Orders page uses data from the ITEM table to perform price calculations. You decide to write a PeopleCode program to create a stand-alone rowset that will load data from the ITEM table into the data buffer. Select three PeopleCode statements that can be used with stand-alone rowsets. (Choose three.) 

A. &RS_Item = GetRowSet(SCROLL.ITEM); 

B. &RS_Item = CreateRowSet(RECORD.ITEM); 

C. &Price = &RS_Item(&i).ITEM.PRICE.Value; 

D. &RS_Item.Select("Where ITEM = :1", CUST_ORDER.ITEM); 

E. &RS_Item.Fill("Where CUST_TYPE = :1", CUST_ORDER.TYPE); 

F. &RS_Item = ScrollSelect(1,Scroll.ITEM, Record.ITEM, ("Where CUST_TYPE = :1", CUST_ORDER. CUST_TYPE); 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q30. - (Topic 0) 

You are asked to create a new service operation that will enable a third-party system to inquire on an item price and receive the response in real time. Which operation type would you use when you create the service operation? 

A. Synchronous 

B. Asynchronous one-way 

C. Asynchronous-to-synchronous 

D. Asynchronous request/response