Exam Code: 1Z0-336 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Sales Cloud 2021 Implementation Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
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Q31. Which two Customer Center Profile Options would be used to automatically assign Territories to Accounts? (Choose two.) 





E. Territories must be manually assigned to Accounts. 

Answer: C,D 

Q32. Which three actions can you determine while setting up Profile options for territories assigned to opportunities? (Choose three.) 

A. You can explicitly add territories to an opportunity. 

B. whether the assign opportunity action is available from within an opportunity for salespeople to run assignment 

C. whether all territory team members are also copied to the opportunity team, in addition to the territory owner, when a territory is assigned to an opportunity revenue line 

D. whether the application runs assignment when salespeople create but do not save an opportunity 

E. whether the assignment engine automatically assigns territories to opportunity revenue lines by matching the dimensional attributes of revenue lines to territory dimensions, such as Customer Size or Industry 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q33. You are asked to validate the potential revenue field on an opportunity object. The Child revenue line has four fields as Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 revenue, and the sum of Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 must be less than the potential revenue. You need to get the child object value from the parent object to validate. 

Which is the correct option to achieve this? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Related Object 

B. View Object 

C. Reference Object 

D. Related Collection 


Q34. Your customer would like to migrate multiple business objects from their legacy system data to Oracle Sales Cloud. If you import a record that references another record, then the referenced record must exist in the Oracle Sales Cloud database before you do this import. 

What is the correct sequence that you can use to import business objects? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Country Structure, Geography, Employee Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Note, Activity 

B. Geography, Country Structure, Customer, Product Group, Employee Resource, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, Note, Activity 

C. Country Structure, Geography, Employee Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note 

D. Geography, Country Structure, Resource, Customer, Contact, Product Group, Lead, Opportunity, Activity, Note 


Q35. What are the three types of Marketing Campaigns found in Oracle Sales Cloud? (Choose three.) 

A. Mini, Catalog, and Sales Campaign 

B. Multi-Stage, Catalog, and Mini Campaign 

C. Channel, Multi-Stage, and Opportunity Campaign 

D. Mini, Multi-Stage, and Sales Campaign 


Q36. In the Desktop User Interface (Desktop Ul), how would you configure the regional area of the Customer Center for all users? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Right-click within the Navigator panel to modify the regional UL 

B. it is not possible to configure the Customer Tree for all users. 

C. Access an Account record and click the Manage Customer Tree action. 

D. Use the Functional Setup Manager Task of Manage Customer Tree. 


Q37. OSC Party Export provides information about 

A. all Users 

B. all Organizations, Contacts, and Users 

C. all Organizations and Contacts 

D. all Organizations 


Q38. Which is the correct navigation to set up sales prediction rules? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Log in as Sales Analyst > Sales > Recommendations > Manage rules > Create recommendations 

B. Log in as an Administrator > Setup and Maintenance > Manage rules task > Create recommendations 

C. Log in as Sales Analyst > Setup and Maintenance > Manage sales predication rules > Create recommendations 

D. Log in as an Administrator > Sales > Recommendations > Manage sales predication rules > Create recommendations 


Q39. What should you do when trying to evaluate if there are any conflicts in a territory structure? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. You must first export the structure by clicking Actions, and then selecting Export to Excel. 

B. You would be required to first run the Stage and Promote process. 

C. Click the Conflict Resolution button from the Enable Dimensions and Metrics page. 

D. Highlight the top-level territory, click Actions, and then select View Overlaps. 


Q40. What is the out-of-the-box visibility of accounts for sales reps? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Sales reps can view accounts only if they are owners or are on the Sales team. 

B. Sales reps can view, edit, and delete all accounts. 

C. Sales reps can view all accounts and edit accounts if they are on the account team. 

D. Sales reps have no access to accounts unless they are on the Account Territory team.