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The ACME company plans to install one J2EE Application Server with four instances of the EnterpriseOne HTML serve (JAS) – one instance per installed path code or environment. Which statements false about each EnterpriseOne HTML Server instance?

  • A. Can share a single system data source.
  • B. Will share a common set of Serialized object tables.
  • C. Must have a unique TCP/IP Transport port.
  • D. Will have a unique JA
  • E. IMI file.
  • F. Can share a single Http Server.

Answer: B

Which three components are required to apply electronic software Updates ( ESUs) with Assistant?

  • A. Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE)
  • B. EnterpriseOne Deployment Clint
  • C. JDBC Drive
  • D. EnterpriseOne Deployment Server
  • E. JDeveloper

Answer: ABD

Which tool should you to create a fully operational JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Enviroment with Apps Release 9.2 and the latest Tools Release 9.2.1.x on Oracle public cloud?

  • A. Oracle public Cloud multi-tier images with Apps 9.2 Tools Release
  • B. Traditional installation of JDE by using 9.2 GA installers
  • C. OVM Templates
  • D. Oracle public Cloud JDE multi-tier im diagnostics of the Enterprise server process ages Apps
  • E. JD Edwards One-Click Provisioning

Answer: D

The ACME company plans to upgrade from DV910 to DV920. For better performance, the company decides to run the upgrade table conversions on the enterprise server Instead of the deployment server. Which of the following is a prerequisite to running table conversions on the enterprise server?

  • A. creating a default UBE OCM mapping that points to the enterprise server under the JDEPLAN (Planner) environment
  • B. installing the certified Visual Studio redistributable package
  • C. installing the Pristine path code on the enterprise server and marking the default environment in JDE.INI as a Pristine environment
  • D. installing JDBC drivers
  • E. configuring additional job queues

Answer: C

Which two components are required to create a Business Services Server instance?

  • A. Business Services Server installation .PAR file
  • B. J2EE Application Server: WebSphere or WebLogic
  • C. J2EE Application Server Container
  • D. JDBC driver
  • E. JDeveloper

Answer: BD

What is the purpose of the Test Configuration button in the Application Interface Server (AIS) instance on Server Manager?

  • A. It is used to test communication between a mobile device and Apple Appstore or Google Playstore.
  • B. It is used to test communication between AIS and the EnterpriseOne kernels,
  • C. It is used to test communication between AIS and the EnterpriseOne HTML Server.
  • D. It is used to test communication between AIS and a mobile device.
  • E. It is used to test communication between AIS and the EnterpriseOne database.

Answer: C

In a typical EnterpriseOne architecture, which three can be installed on the Web application Server for EnterpriseOne?

  • A. Application interface Server
  • B. Enterprise Server
  • C. HTML Server
  • D. Business Service server
  • E. BI publisher Server

Answer: BDE

An internal auditor at the ACME company needs to review and identify active JDE E1 users who have not signed in the JDE for more than a year.
Which option Specifies the table or tables that are needed to extract this information?

  • A. OneWorld System Users (F98OWPU)
  • B. Security history (F9312)
  • C. Security history (F9312) and User Security (F98OWSEC)
  • D. One World Security (F98OWSEC)
  • E. Library Lists- User (F0092)

Answer: E

Which three are required components for installing Tools Release on Application Release 9.0?

  • A. EterpriseOne Tools Release Components.
  • B. JDE E1 9.0 Planner ESU
  • C. ASU for Management of User Defined Objects for Tools
  • D. JDE E1 9.2 Planner ESU
  • E. E1 9.2 Tools Application Enhancement ESU for Tools

Answer: CDE

Which of the following is not a valid Installation Workbench process?

  • A. Portal Workbench
  • B. Machine Workbench
  • C. Control Table Workbench
  • D. Package Workbench
  • E. Environment Workbench

Answer: A


The ACME company wants to change the port number on the Enterprise server and the HTML application server. Which two valid Settings you upgrade or change to accomplish this requirement?

  • A. update or change the serviceNamelisten and serviseName Connect parameters in the JD
  • B. INI on every Enterprise server.
  • C. Make OCM service mapping change under the System and serverMap data sources.
  • D. Update or change the serviceNameListen and serviceName Connect parameter in the Ja
  • E. INI on every HTML or Web application Server.
  • F. Update or change the serviceNameListen and serviceName Connect parameter in the JDB
  • G. INI on every WebDev client machine

Answer: AB

Which two statements are true about JD Edwards EnterpriseOne subsystem jobs functionality?

  • A. Running a report multiple times as a subsystem job overwrites the PDF output file after each execution and creates only one PDF output at the end of the subsystem job execution.
  • B. There is no difference between executing a subsystem job on the client and enterprise servers.
  • C. You cannot control the limit for simultaneous execution of subsystem jobs per report.
  • D. Short duration jobs are an ideal fit for running as subsystem jobs and they run into an Infinite loop throughout the UBE logic avoiding multiple submissions of the same job.
  • E. There is no difference between Ending or Stopping a subsystem job as both terminates the subsystem jobs instantly.

Answer: AB

Which Option determines whether a data source is shown in Machine Search & Select (W986115E) of the P986115 application?

  • A. Data Class
  • B. Data Source Use
  • C. OCM Data Source
  • D. Data Source Type
  • E. Use Table Owner

Answer: B

Before Tools, which three object types had components stored on the deployment server’s patch code check-In location?

  • A. Tables
  • B. BSSV Business Functions
  • C. Data Dictionary
  • D. C Business Functions
  • E. Tasks

Answer: ABD

You want to specify the font details of the custom font that you want to use in the report definition job, in the xdo.cfg file on the EnterpriseOne batch server.
Where would you find the xdo*cfg file on the EnterpriseOne batch server?

  • A. * * * \system \bin32
  • B. * * * \ system \ classes
  • C. * * * \ system\ lib32
  • D. * * * \ system\ resource
  • E. * * * \ system \include\ xml

Answer: E

You are creating a custom in Change Assistant for fix-current Electronic software Updates (ESUs) for your system. The last time you have installed fix-current ESUs was three months ago. Which three criteria options need to be set in Change Assistant ?

  • A. Type
  • B. Release
  • C. Platform
  • D. Description
  • E. Data Range

Answer: ABC


Which two statements are correct about Role Sequence and Hierarchy (is set to true)?

  • A. Security information from multiple roles can be merge into a single role by using the Role Relationship (P95921) application.
  • B. The sequence number for a role cannot be changed manually after the role is created.
  • C. Windows clients and web client are identical in how they use role sequence to determine which security record is applied.
  • D. If a security records conflict arises, JDE security will choose the role with highest sequence number and apply security only for that role.
  • E. Changing roles after sign- on impacts object security, menu filtering, and display of menu information.

Answer: DE

When installing an addition path code database as of the EnterpriseOne platform installer, which two components are installed on the server?

  • A. Server Manager Agent
  • B. Path code specifications and runtime libraries
  • C. System or foundation code
  • D. Database or scripts to create and load databases
  • E. Path code database: Central Object, Business Data, and Control Tables

Answer: BD

What is the correct sequence to install French Language on your JDE system?

  • A. Install French Language on deployment server > Create Typical installation plan > Build and deploy language packages.
  • B. Create language only installation plan > run Workbench > install French Language on deployment server > Build and deploy language packages.
  • C. Install French Language on deployment server > Create language only installation plan > run Workbench > Build and deploy language packages.
  • D. Create Language only installation plan > install French Language on deployment server > Run Workbench > Build and language packages.
  • E. Install French Language on deployment server > Create add on Server plan > Run Workbench > Build and deployment language packages.

Answer: C

1. Install the localization on the Deployment server.2. Create a Language-Only Plan.3. Run the
Language-Only Plan with the Workbench. 4. Build/Deploy a Full Package with the English and newly added language.5. Verify/Test the Localization.

Which two statements are true about JDEBase Database Middleware?

  • A. It provides a set of translation programs to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that are embedded in data source definitions.
  • B. It contains processing requests such as business functions, batch jobs, and EnterpriseOne login security.
  • C. It provides platform-independent Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to access multiple database versions.
  • D. It is the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne proprietary communication middleware package that provides server-to-server and client-to-server communication.

Answer: CD


Which Package Assembly form must you use to define the system code files to be included in a package?

  • A. Object Component form
  • B. Foundation Component form
  • C. Database Component form
  • D. Features Component form
  • E. Language Component form

Answer: D


Where will you specify the project status for a default project on the P98230 – Object Management Setup screen?

  • A. Notification setup
  • B. Constants
  • C. Activity Rules
  • D. Allowed Actions
  • E. Save Locations

Answer: A

Which three actions can be performed by using the "Work With User Security" application (P98LPSEC)?

  • A. Reset the JDE login password for self and other JDE user accounts.
  • B. Change sequencing for any role assigned to users.
  • C. Turn on or turn off the “Need for Security Server” option.
  • D. Enable or disable the “Security History” for any user.
  • E. Modify and copy the user security record one user to another user.

Answer: ABD


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