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2021 Jul 1Z0-400 test questions

Q1. Which option tag is used for reliability of provisional responses in SIP messages? 

A. 100rel 

B. Prack 

C. Rel 

D. Supported 

E. Required 

Answer: A 

Q2. To replace the Session Border Controller's running configuration with a previous configuration, perform the following: 

A. Use the exec last-known-good-config command. 

B. Use the restore-backup-config command. 

C. Use the restore-backup-config command, followed by save and activate. 

D. Use the activate-config command. 

E. Use display-backups, identify the configuration name and associated number, then issue the run-backup <number> command. 

Answer: C 

Q3. To return the Session Border Controller configuration to a known, factory default state you must___________. 

A. Issue the delete-config command and reboot. 

B. Issue the set-system-state offline command. 

C. Issue the delete-config command. 

D. Issue the set-system-state offline command and reboot. 

E. Press the reset button on the front panel. 

Answer: A 

Q4. Which statements are TRUE about a Net-Net 4500 SIP interface? 

A. The SIP interface provides G.711 to G.729 transcoding functions ONLY when SIP is the signaling protocol. 

B. The SIP interface listens for SIP signaling on one or more configured IP address/port/transport combinations. 

C. You can only configure a single SIP port per realm. 

D. The SIP interface provides a service pipe to sipd, such that incoming signaling messages are presented to the SIP protocol daemon for processing. 

E. The SIP interface modifies headers, such as the TO and FROM, to provide topology hiding. 

Answer: B 

Q5. High availability (HA) nodes identify one another by their ____________ names. 

A. Identifier 

B. Host 

C. Mib-system-name 

D. Target 

E. Wancom0 name 

Answer: D 

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Q6. You are examining a SIP packet. 

The only SIP method defined in IETF RFC documents that never receives a final response is: 






Answer: D 

Q7. Which two configuration objects are NOT required to enable SIP signaling to traverse the Session Border Controller? 

A. steering-pool 

B. media-manager 

C. realm-config 

D. network-interface 

E. sip-interface 

Answer: A,D 

Q8. When working in the Session Border Controller's OS environment, which is FALSE? 

A. Every IP address referenced in a SIP configuration object must be defined as an IP 

address in the corresponding network-interface object 

B. IP addresses defined in steering pools do not need to be defined as part of the network-interface configuration object. 

C. An IP address to enable telnet to a network-interface must be defined appropriately in the corresponding network-interface object. 

D. The local-address of an h323-stack does not need to be defined in the corresponding network-interface object. 

E. The local-address of an MGCP gateway IP does not need to be defined in the corresponding network-interface object. 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q9. Which SIP header does the Session Border Controller check when looking for a match to the "to-address" in the local-policy? 

A. Request-URI 

B. Top most Via header 

C. Route header 

D. To header 

E. Call-ID header 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q10. You configured local policy preferences on the Net-Net 4500.The Net-Net 4500 sorts through these preferences. 

Which preference is ranked the second highest priority? 

A. Codec 

B. Lowest cost 

C. Next hop 

D. Realm 

E. Protocol 

Answer: E