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2021 Apr 1Z0-400 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. The h245-stage parameter in the h323-stack element determines___________. 

A. The stage at which the Net-Net 4500 will start tunneling H.245 messages 

B. The point in the call where H.245 messages are allowed after the call has been connected 

C. The stage at which the Net-Net 4500 will indicate that a separate H.245 connection must be opened 

D. The point at which H.245 will appear on the TCP/IP stack 

E. That two associated h323-stacks have a gatekeeper field defined 

Answer: C 

Q32. You are working with a Net-Net 4500 Session Border Controller.What will result from the execution of the delete-configuration command? 

A. Deletion of all configuration files stored in the /code/gzConfig directory. 

B. Both the "saved" and "running" configuration numbers are incremented by 1. 

C. Automatic reboot of the operating system. 

D. Deletion of non-system default licenses. 

E. Deletion of the bootparameters: "target name" field. 

Answer: C 

Q33. You have copied a new Net-Net 4000 Operating System to the Net-Net 4000 Session Border Controller and changed the boot parameters according to the display below. 

On reboot, the Net-Net 4000 is in a boot loop. Which two scenarios could cause the boot loop? 

A. You did not copy the Net-Net 4000 OS file into the /code directory. 

B. The Net-Net 4000 OS file was truncated while being copied to the /boot directory due to lack of file space. 

C. You mistyped the name of the Net-Net 4000 OS file in the file name property of the boot parameters. 

D. The Net-Net 4000 was reset using the reboot force command without saving and activating the configuration changes first. 

E. Someone else was in configuration mode at the same time as you. 

Answer: C,D 

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Q34. On a Net-Net 4500, a hardware-based timer will reset the system in the event of a catastrophic software or operating system failure. 

This hardware timer is reset (preventing it from triggering) by the__________. 

A. Acme Control Protocol Daemon 

B. Border Element Redundancy Protocol Daemon (BERPD) 

C. Console-timeout/telnet-timeout configuration in system-config 

D. System clock 

E. Watchdog process 

Answer: E 

Q35. How does the Session Border Controller ensure that a pinhole is kept open for persistent communication to a SIP endpoint behind a NAT device? 

A. By sending messages at a defined frequency 

B. By sending ARP requests at a defined frequency 

C. By issuing PINGs to the endpoint's NAT address 

D. By changing the expires= parameter to a defined value in 200 OK responses to INVITEs 

E. By changing the expires= parameter to a defined value in 200 OK responses to REGISTERS 

Answer: B 

Q36. The ___________ field allows you to set the health score at whichthe standby peer in a high availability (HA) scenario will switchover to the active state without waiting for any configured timers to expire. 

A. Emergency-threshold 

B. Health-threshold 

C. Active-threshold 

D. Switchover-threshold 

E. Ha-threshold 

Answer: B 

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Q37. A session agent group (SAG) allows for the creation of a logical grouping of session agents. 

Which two options are valid for the "strategy" parameter in the session-group to route traffic? 

A. propdist 

B. lowsusrate 

C. mostbusy 

D. lastused 

E. mostfree 

Answer: A,D 

Q38. Which two are TRUE regarding the Net-Net 3820 and Net-Net 4500 Fan Module component? 

A. User-serviceable 

B. Self-cleaning 

C. Hot-swappable 

D. Redundant 

E. Liquid cooled 

Answer: B,E 

Q39. By default, the Session Border Controller's FTP, ICMP, SNMP, and Telnet services cannot be accessed via the media interfaces. In order to enable these services, the Session BorderController includes four fields that enable administrative traffic over the media interfaces. These four fields are collectively known as the "HIP". 

What does the acronym HIP stand for? 

A. HostinPath 

B. Host Internet Protocol 

C. Host Interface Priority 

D. Healthy Interface Port 

E. Health Indicator Protocol 

Answer: B 

Q40. A steering pool defines__________. 

A. A range of IP addresses used to route media flows as they egress the box. 

B. A range of IP addresses and a pool of ports Net-Net 4500 will use to declare itself as the destination for all subsequent media flows in a dialog. 

C. An IP address and range of ports the Net-Net 4500 will use to declare itself as the destination for media flows in a session. 

D. An IP address and port the Net-Net 4500 uses for steering media to the external media server. 

E. A range of ports used to route media flows as they egress the Net-Net 4500. 

Answer: E