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Q31. The Net-Net 4500 will release media between non-NATed SIP endpoints that are located in the same realm when the __________ parameter is set to ___________. 

A. msm-network; disabled 

B. mm-in-realm; disabled 

C. mm-in-network; enabled 

D. mm-in-realm; enabled 

E. mm-in-network; disabled 


Q32. By default, the Session Border Controller's FTP, ICMP, SNMP, and Telnet services cannot be accessed via the media interfaces. In order to enable these services, the Session BorderController includes four fields that enable administrative traffic over the media interfaces. These four fields are collectively known as the "HIP". 

What does the acronym HIP stand for? 

A. HostinPath 

B. Host Internet Protocol 

C. Host Interface Priority 

D. Healthy Interface Port 

E. Health Indicator Protocol 


Q33. Which statement about the Net-Net 4500 is FALSE? 

A. The Net-Net 4500 can perform interworking between SIP REGISTER messages and 

H.323 RRQs (Registration Request). 

B. Different SIP Response Code mappings can be configured for each Soft-switch to which the Net-Net 4500 signals. 

C. MGCP to SIP interworking function (IWF) is not supported. 

D. The Net-Net 4500 media directing and control hides network topology at the forwarding level, while session routing and signaling hide it at the signaling level. 

E. The Net-Net 4500 is the source and destination for all signaling messages and media streams coming into and leaving the provider's network. 


Q34. The ___________ field allows you to set the health score at whichthe standby peer in a high availability (HA) scenario will switchover to the active state without waiting for any configured timers to expire. 

A. Emergency-threshold 

B. Health-threshold 

C. Active-threshold 

D. Switchover-threshold 

E. Ha-threshold 


Q35. Which is NOT part of the Net-Net 4500's front panel: 

A. Power and status LEDs B. A pinhole for issuing reset 

C. A flip-down door covering two PCMCIA slots 

D. A fan pack with removable and cleanable fan filter 

E. A USB port for local storage 


Q36. To return the Session Border Controller configuration to a known, factory default state you must___________. 

A. Issue the delete-config command and reboot. 

B. Issue the set-system-state offline command. 

C. Issue the delete-config command. 

D. Issue the set-system-state offline command and reboot. 

E. Press the reset button on the front panel. 


Q37. To replace the Session Border Controller's running configuration with a previous configuration, perform the following: 

A. Use the exec last-known-good-config command. 

B. Use the restore-backup-config command. 

C. Use the restore-backup-config command, followed by save and activate. 

D. Use the activate-config command. 

E. Use display-backups, identify the configuration name and associated number, then issue the run-backup <number> command. 


Q38. The __________ parameter in the sip-interface element indicates how often a User Agent (UA) located behind a NAT should re-register with the Session Border Controller. 

A. nat-interval 

B. nat-traversal 

C. registration-interval 

D. nat-mode 

E. min-reg-expire 


Q39. Upon issuing the done command, you get an Error 409. What does this error indicate? 

A. The element you are creating is corrupted. 

B. The element you are trying to save does not exist. 

C. You are trying to create an element with a unique identifier that already exists. 

D. There is an internal server error. 

E. You are trying to create a second instance of a single-instance configuration object. 


Q40. You want the Session Border Controller to detect that an endpoint is behind a NAT/firewall device.What value do you set for the nat-traversal parameter? 

A. Always 

B. Never 

C. Enabled 

D. Disabled 

E. Detect