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Q11. All of the following are components of the Session Border Controller's OS Media Control function, except: 

A. Quality of Service (QoS) Marking 

B. DTMF extraction (RFC2833) 

C. Dynamic Access Control 

D. Conferencing/Multipoint Control Unit (MTU) mixing 

E. Media supervision timers/call teardown 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q12. Which H.323 signaling technology is used between endpoints to establish a connection? 

A. H.225.0 Q.931 

B. H.225.0 RAS 

C. H.245 

D. H.261 

E. H.263 


Q13. How does the Session Border Controller ensure that a pinhole is kept open for persistent communication to a SIP endpoint behind a NAT device? 

A. By sending messages at a defined frequency 

B. By sending ARP requests at a defined frequency 

C. By issuing PINGs to the endpoint's NAT address 

D. By changing the expires= parameter to a defined value in 200 OK responses to INVITEs 

E. By changing the expires= parameter to a defined value in 200 OK responses to REGISTERS 


Q14. What are two differences between the SIP NAT Bridge (SNB) and the Single SIP NAT Homed in a Trusted Network (SSNHTN) models on the Session Border Controller? 

A. In a SIP-NAT Bridge (SNB), multiple access and backbone realms are allowed. In the SSNHTN model, only one backbone realm is allowed. 

B. In the SSNHTN model, the home proxy address (HPA)is set to, as the HPA is only needed in SNB architectures. 

C. In the SSNHTN model, the home proxy address(HPA) is set to point to sipd. 

D. In the SSNHTN model, the home address and home proxy address (HPA) are addressed from a range that is in the backbone realm. 

E. Where is no distinguishable difference between the two models. 

Answer: A,C 

Q15. In a peering environment based on SIP-NAT Bridge, which two elements must be configured to accommodate signaling and media? 

A. Physical Interface 

B. Network Interface 

C. SIP Manipulation Rule 

D. RTP Table 

E. Local Policy 

Answer: B,C

Q16. Which two statements regarding SIP processing are TRUE? 

A. An initial INVITE will contain a From header tag and a To header tag as a globally unique identifier for the dialog. 

B. A CANCEL method can terminate a dialog. 

C. The combination of the To tag, From tag, and Call-ID completely defines a peer-to-peer SIP relationship and is referred to as a dialog. 

D. To avoid retransmissions, User Agents must forward received 100 Trying messages to their next hop. 

E. SIP sessions are terminated and re-originated as new sessions as they are routed through the Session Border Controller. 

Answer: A,C 

Q17. Once the management network interface is configured, what can it be used for? 

A. Maintenance activities and Application log retrieval 

B. Software upgrades and System configuration 

C. Telnet, SSH, SNMP, FTP, and SFTP connections 

D. RADIUS CDR transmission 

E. All of the above 


Q18. How many VLANs per physical interface are supported on a Session Border Controller? 

A. Either 3,820 or 4,500, depending on your model 

B. 6000 

C. 4500 

D. 4095 

E. 1024 


Q19. A session agent group (SAG) allows for the creation of a logical grouping of session agents. 

Which two options are valid for the "strategy" parameter in the session-group to route traffic? 

A. propdist 

B. lowsusrate 

C. mostbusy 

D. lastused 

E. mostfree 

Answer: A,D 

Q20. You configured local policy preferences on the Net-Net 4500.The Net-Net 4500 sorts through these preferences. 

Which preference is ranked the second highest priority? 

A. Codec 

B. Lowest cost 

C. Next hop 

D. Realm 

E. Protocol