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2021 Jun 1Z0-412 simulations

Q41. What happens when a new field is created in a custom object? 

A. The field is created in all custom object records in that custom object. 

B. The field is created in all custom object records across all existing custom objects. 

C. The field is created only for new custom object records that are added to that custom object. 

D. The field is created only for new custom object records that are added to all existing custom objects. 

Answer: A 

Q42. After running the email checker on your email, you get the following result: 

What happens when you activate the campaign that contains this email? 

A. The email is not sent. 

B. An online version is generated and placed in the email header. 

C. The email is sent. 

D. The campaign returns a draft error. 

Answer: D 

Q43. Refer to the Exhibit. 

If a CRM Lead or Contact does not exist at the time program step 02 runs, what happens? 

A. The external call re-runs three times. 

B. The external call fails and the program is disabled. 

C. The external call fails and the Eloqua contact moves on in the program. 

D. The external call fails and the Eloqua contact remains in step 02. 

Answer: B 

Q44. You are a customer Administrator. Youcreate a new campaign and want to restrictwho is able to edit,delete, and activate the campaign. What do you do after saving the campaign? 

A. From the campaign, edit access from the "Settings" menu option. 

B. From the campaign, edit access from the "Permissions" menu option. 

C. From the Setup > Users area, edit access to Asset Creation in Security Group Overview. 

D. By default, only the creator of the asset has full access and no further action is required. 

Answer: C 

Explanation: Reference: onfiguringAssetCreationSettings.htm 

Q45. Which two activities would result in a decrease in Sender Score? 

A. Recipients marking an email as spam 

B. Receiving a high number of soft bouncebacks 

C. Sending consistent email volumes 

D. Mailing to spam trap accounts 

Answer: B,D 

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Q46. In the Integrationarea, you run the “Create Data Source with External Call”wizardtill finish. However, when you view the list of auto syncs,you do not seethe one thatyou just configured.Misconfigurationof three settings has resulted in no auto sync being created 

Which are these three settings? 

A. Data Priority is set to a lower level than General. 

B. The "Can be scheduled for automatic execution" check box is not selected. 

C. The Eloqua Integration user in CRM does not have read access to the CRM Entity selected. 

D. There is no date field criteria in Filter Details. 

E. Not all fields are mapped in Field Mapping. 

F. A schedule has not been defined on the Summary screen in the “After Uploading” section. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q47. How do you associate contacts from a list upload to an Eloqua campaign for the purposes of Closed-loop Reporting? 

A. Upload the list directly to the campaign from "Upload External Activities." 

B. Add the contacts to a shared list during the list upload. 

C. Run the "Get Contacts and Link to Opportunities" auto sync. 

D. Enter the CRM Campaign ID in the Eloqua contact field "Last CRM Campaign ID." 

Answer: A 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q48. Where is drilling on a report disabled? 

A. Report Objects window 

B. Template dialog box 

C. Graph dialog box 

D. Report Options dialog box 

E. Values dialog box 

Answer: D 

Q49. Refer to the Exhibit. 

You are configuring the String: ManipulationFrom Tool App and are unable to select Eloquafields on the mappings screen (as shown). Youconfirm that the Eloqua credentialsare valid and that EloquahasAPI Access enabled. What do you do to resolve this? 

A. Run the CRM Integration Setup. 

B. Create a dedicated Eloqua user for configuring apps. 

C. Add the "API Users" Security Group to your Eloqua user. 

D. Request access to this app by contacting Eloqua Product Support. 

Answer: C 

Q50. Which two statements are true about the integration between Eloqua and CRM? 

A. In outbound external calls, a single Eloqua field can be mapped to more than one CRM field. 

B. In an auto sync, a single CRM field can be mapped to multiple Eloqua fields. 

C. In outbound external calls, multiple Eloqua fields can be mapped to a single CRM field. 

D. Testing the "Create Lead" external call by using Test ExternalCall works only if the lead does not yet exist in the CRM system. 

E. If multiple contacts exist in CRM with the same email address and an Eloqua contact submits a form with this email address, Eloqua writes the form submit activity to all CRM contacts. 

Answer: B,C