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Q31. Refer to the exhibits. 

Exhibit 1 


You configure a datastandardizationprogram to populateRegion based on Country,which then sends recordsto the CRM update program.During testing,the Region field is notwrittento CRM.You confirmthat the Region field is mapped correctly in external calls. How would you fix this? 

A. In the Lookup Table, change the Lookup Value to Region and the Replacement Value to Country. 

B. Re-upload the list of values to the Lookup Table. 

C. In the Lookup Table, change the display name to Country-Region. 

D. In Update Rule, change the lookup field to Region. 

E. In Update Rule, change the field to update to Region. 


Q32. On which Eloquadata entity is “Company from IP”(used in Eloqua Insight for reporting via s reverse DNS lookup) stored? 

A. Contact 

B. Account 

C. Visitor Profile 

D. Campaign 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q33. What are two ways to formatthe look-and-feelof a graph’sseries, for example, changethe color and transparencyof bars in a bar graph or pieslicesin a pie graph? 

A. Template dialog box 

B. Graph tab 

C. Report Options dialog box 

D. Format: Graph dialog box 

E. Values dialog box 

Answer: C,D 

Q34. Which two entities can aValidation Rule be run against? 

A. Contacts 

B. Accounts 

C. Custom Objects 

D. Segments 

E. Filters 

Answer: A,C 

Explanation: Reference: 

Q35. For a multi-session event, where are invitation emails sent from? 

A. Campaign Canvas 

B. Registration Form 

C. Event Module: New Registration Event Action 

D. Event Module; 1 Week Reminder Event Action 


Q36. When someone registers for a multi-session in-person eventevent, a confirmation email is to be sent for eachsession with specific details of the event, including the date, time, and address. 

Where do you configure the processing step to send the confirmation email such that the same email can be used for all sessions? 

A. Campaign Canvas 

B. Registration Form 

C. Event Module: New Registration Event Action 

D. Event Module: 1 Week Reminder Event Action 


Q37. Which options doesDataPriority Order apply to? 

A. List uploads 

B. Form submissions 

C. Manual entry 

D. Data tools 


Explanation: Reference: 

Q38. IP Warming is achievedby _____________. 

A. Slowly increasing the volume of emails to quality contacts 

B. Configuring DKIM for all email domains C. Sending a high volume of emails to valid email addresses 

D. Running deliverability reports for every email sent from Eloqua 


Q39. Which EloquaCampaignfield must be populatedto 

A. Actual Cost 

B. Budgeted Cost 

C. Campaign Type 

D. Expected Revenue 


Q40. A client would like towrite a Status of “Not Started”for all fromsubmit activitiesthat Eloqua writes CRM.What would you do? 

A. Nothing. Activity field values cannot be modified. 

B. Contact Eloqua Product Support to have this changed on the back end. 

C. Add an update rule to Program Builder to populate Status before the Integration Events fire. 

D. Edit external calls to change the value from "Completed" to "Not Started" and document this on the Activities tab of the client's field mapping spreadsheet. 


Explanation: Reference: