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Q21. You are configuring subscriptionmanagement and your client hasselectedthe SubscriptionManagement page option. 

Your client wants the email groupslisted in this order: 

Weekly Newsletter 

Monthly Newsletter 


Product Updates 

How would you configure this? 

A. Create the email groups in the order listed. The email groups are displayed on the Subscription Management page based on Created Date/Time. 

B. Edit "Name of the Email Group As It Appears to Contacts." The email groups are displayed on the Subscription Management page in alphanumeric order of this value. 

C. Edit email group "Name." The email groups are displayed on the Subscription Management page in alphanumeric order of this value. 

D. Modify the html code on the Edit Subscription Management screen to display the email groups in the correct order. 


Q22. When typing in an email addressto send an email, against whichsystem does EloquaEngage perform a contact search? 

A. Eloqua database 

B. Engage contact table 

C. Integrated CRM system 

D. None. There is no search performed. 


Q23. Refer to the exhibit. 

What does Lead Creation refer to? 

A. The Eloqua contact has a linked visitor profile. 

B. The Eloqua contact is associated to a CRM Opportunity. 

C. The Eloqua contact has responded to an Eloqua campaign. 

D. The Eloqua contact record has a value in the CRM Lead ID field. 


Q24. Which three componentscan a field merge be added to? 

A. Email Header 

B. Signature Rule 

C. Email Subject Line 

D. Cloud Component 

E. Lead Score 

F. Form 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q25. You are creating a social sign-on form and are using a Cloud Component. From which asset would you configure settings of the LinkedIn Cloud Component? 

A. Email 

B. Landing Page 

C. Form 

D. Custom Object 

E. Shared Filter 


Explanation: Reference:https://community.oracle.com/community/topliners/do-


Q26. Which two actionslink a visitor profile to anEloqua contact record? 

A. Receiving an Eloqua email 

B. Clicking a link in an Eloqua email 

C. Submitting a form 

D. Visiting an Eloqua tracked web page from a search engine 

Answer: B,C 

Q27. You are a customer Administrator. Youcreate a new campaign and want to restrictwho is able to edit,delete, and activate the campaign. What do you do after saving the campaign? 

A. From the campaign, edit access from the "Settings" menu option. 

B. From the campaign, edit access from the "Permissions" menu option. 

C. From the Setup > Users area, edit access to Asset Creation in Security Group Overview. 

D. By default, only the creator of the asset has full access and no further action is required. 


Explanation: Reference: 

https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCAA/Help/SecurityGroups/Tasks/C onfiguringAssetCreationSettings.htm 

Q28. When you create Eloqua Contact fields as indicators for Contact Security Labels, why are standardized picklists important? 

A. They provide exact values for the decision rules to match against. 

B. They make it easier to copy the fields. 

C. Program Builder decision rules do not evaluate open text fields. 

D. They are easier to filter on. 


Q29. You create an email in the email editor and insert a hyperlink to an Eloqualanding page.When viewing the hyperlinkManager, you notice that the check is not selected to track the link. 

What would you do and why? 

A. Nothing. The check box needs to be selected only when the linking URL is https://. 

B. Nothing. The check box needs to be selected only when linking to non-Eloqua tracked web pages or externally hosted assets. 

C. Select the check box to track click-through to Eloqua-hosted landing pages. 

D. Select the check box to track hyperlinks to any web page that contains an asset. 


Q30. You are building a targetedcampaignto generate responses fromyourrecipients and improve conversion rate. Which three filter criteria can you use to create your segment? 

A. Contains a specific value in an Eloqua contact field 

B. Liked a particular Facebook post in the last three months 

C. Visited high value web pages in the last six months 

D. Submitted a specific Eloqua-hosted form in the last two months 

E. Forwarded two Eloqua emails in the last three months 

Answer: A,B,E