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2021 Jul 1Z0-417 practice exam

Q1. What are three reasons an implementation of an Oracle Database Performance and Tuning solution is superior to that of scripts or third-party tools? 

A. It is a part of the database, which means no added installations, configurations, extra user accounts,privilege granting, etc. 

B. It eliminates the need to reverify compatibility, upgrade third-party tools, or rewrite scripts after a patch ordatabase upgrade. 

C. It has the largest library of custom scripts and procedures and includes an assembly builder to maintainthem and add more. 

D. Results come from the Oracle Database Optimizer and not rules or heuristics trying to predict what theoptimizer may do. 

E. It is the most inexpensive tool in the market. 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q2. You have been asked to provide a “technology update” to a long time Oracle Database customer. During the meeting, you are asked about Oracle Enterprise ManagerDatabase Express in Oracle Database 12c. 

Identify three of its capabilities you would share with the customer. 

A. Once Oracle Database 12c is installed, a DBA runs the separate Oracle Enterprise Manager DatabaseExpress installer to add it into the database console. 

B. The Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express Performance HUB organizes and provides aconsolidated viewof real-time and historical performance data. 

C. The Database Express Performance HUB displays Oracle RAC specific metrics. 

D. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express can be extended by the user to also display Oracle 7-10gdatabases. 

E. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express does not require any separate middle-tier componentsbecause it uses XDB and SQL*NET. 

F. The Oracle enterprise Manager Database Express Performance Hub displays Oracle RAC specific metricswhen the optional RAC Pack is licensed. 

Answer: A,E,F 

Q3. Which statement about Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Expressis correct? 

A. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control must be configured first. 

B. The listener needs to be running for it to be accessed. 

C. A Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express WebLogic Server must be configured first. 

D. Oracle Internet Application Server needs to be installed to use it. 

E. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express can be used only from a command-line. 

Answer: A 

Reference: ed/ gettingstarted.htm 

Q4. To use Automatic Database Diagnostic Management capability on a database using a SQL script, command line, database views, or from a GUI, which option needs to be licensed? 

A. Oracle Diagnostics Pack for Oracle Databases 

B. Oracle Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

C. Oracle Diagnostics and Tuning Pack for Oracle Databases 

D. Oracle ADDM Pack 

E. Nothing else needs to be licensed. 

Answer: C 

Q5. When planning an Oracle Database architecture, which are three caching functionalities that would improve application response time and speed up query processing? 

A. Result Cache 

B. Mega Cache 

C. Oracle In-Memory Database Cache 

D. Database Smart Flash Cache 

E. Oracle In-Memory DBSTATS Cache 

Answer: A,C,D

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Q6. Which option would you use to capture workloads from one or more systems concurrently and then play them back? 

A. Automatic Workload Repository 

B. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 

C. Consolidated Database Replay 

D. Consolidation Planner 

E. Workload Consolidator and Playback 

Answer: C 

Q7. As of Oracle Database 12c, which functionality to access database diagnostic and performance has been superseded by Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express? 

A. SQL Developer 

B. SQL Plus 

C. Database console 

D. SQL Express 

E. Grid Control 

Answer: C 


Q8. What two statements are true when you are using SQL Tuning Advisor and create a SQL Profile to improve performance of a SQL statement issued by a packaged application? 

A. You need to regularly run SQL Tuning Advisor to verify if the SQL Profile can be replaced with a better one. 

B. After a SQL Profile is created, it will then run efficiently for the life of the database. 

C. The SQL Profile rewrites the SQL Statement issued by theapplication so it appears to the Optimizer as aperfectly written SQL statement. 

D. You can have only one SQL Profile active at one time for a single SQL statement. 

E. You need Oracle Database 12c or later to use SQL Profiles. 

F. SQL Profiles can be used for non-Oracle databases like Microsoft SQL Server, if the Tuning Pack islicensed. 

Answer: A,E 

Q9. An Oracle Database customer's VP of Development mentions that they've moved to AGILE development methodology and DevOps requires an ability to view, test, or validate performance in their own development environment. Which two do you implement? 

A. Oracle Application Infrastructure Tester 

B. Oracle Application Testing Suite 

C. SQL Developer 

D. Oracle Real Application Testing 

E. APEX and SQL Developer 

F. Oracle Testing Pack 

Answer: B,D 

Q10. Which is Oracle's architecture and methodology for Oracle Database High Availability (HA)? 

A. High Availability High Accessibility Architecture for Oracle Database 

B. Oracle Real Application Clusters 

C. Maximum Availability Architecture for Oracle Database 

D. Oracle Exadata 

E. Oracle Database 12c 

Answer: B 


Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) is a clustered version of Oracle Database based on a comprehensive high-availability Reference: